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Miscarriage tattoo quotes.. what is your opinion

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miracle0812 Mon 02-Jun-14 23:07:43

Hi all,
Found out last week at an early scan 6+3 that my little jellybean does not have a heartbeat. Second scan yesterday 7+3 showed no heartbeat still and no growth. I have to wonderful daughters so this would have been baby number 3 which makes it even more of a shock!

I love pretty tattoos and a friend of mine who recently had a miscarriage got a beautiful flower tattoo on her tummy.
I really want something to represent the little life I had (I have my girls names on each ankle they look very delicate) so feels only right to have something for this one. I am thinking a butterfly or small birds but I also want a quote here is my shortlist... Any opions will be much appreciated!

Life is but a dream...
So little So loved
Fly high beautiful butterfly
Loved with a love beyond telling
I carry you in my heart
Life is delicate
Carried with love
Grief is the price we pay for love
My heart is yours.

Thanks xxx

miracle0812 Mon 02-Jun-14 23:08:45

*two *opinions

Quivering Mon 02-Jun-14 23:11:22

Carried with love jumps out at me.

I'm so sorry for your loss .

LettertoHerms Mon 02-Jun-14 23:14:52

I'm so sorry for your loss. thanks

Your quotes are all beautiful. It is such an intensely personal decision that I hesitate to offer an opinion. "So little, so loved" is very poignant to me, but your own feelings are the most important factor. Do you have a DP? Are your daughters aware of what happened? Perhaps their input would be meaningful in your decision.

JBrd Mon 02-Jun-14 23:17:25

So sorry for your loss.

I like 'Fly high, beautiful butterfly'

miracle0812 Mon 02-Jun-14 23:23:25

Thank you all I love all of them but so so hard to decide.. My husband is not keen on quotes but said's he will support my desicion my daughters are 2 and 5 the older one understands a little and was at the scan she is a great reader so I could ask her opinion in the morning... did not think of that thank you smile
This site has got me through so much in the past 7 days so also seemed a good idea to post here smile xxx

dripty Mon 02-Jun-14 23:24:08

I carry you in my heart feels very personal and, as someone who has a special box with tiny shoes and babygros in, I can totally relate to your need to make some kind of permanent touchstone.

miracle0812 Mon 02-Jun-14 23:30:19

Bless you dripty I am so sentimental! I think it helps to have memory boxes etc!
So sorry for your loss(s)

miracle0812 Mon 02-Jun-14 23:56:13

Carried you to heaven has just gone on shortlist!
So hard to describe the love and emotions in just a few words! xxx

bakingtins Tue 03-Jun-14 05:07:50

I like "I carry you in my heart" particularly because of this article which I have found very comforting.
Word of warning though, you may want to wait a little while and see how you feel if this is all still raw. After my first MC I bought a forget-me-not charm to remember LO, but after a while it just became a symbol of the grief I was carrying around and I had to set it down (chucked it into the sea at a beauty spot). More difficult to do that with a tattoo!

SeaSaltMill Tue 03-Jun-14 09:32:39

They're all beautiful.

I had a tattoo last month for my babies, I have 3 birds, just the silhouettes on the top of my back. One for each baby loved and lost.

Its such a personal thing. go with what feels right x

miracle0812 Tue 03-Jun-14 16:11:48

I'm glad it's comforting x it just feels like the right thing to do I have my daughters names on me and would love some remembrance ink but won't rush into anything xx

I love the birds idea have seen a few pics online of little ones on the wrist appearing to be flying smile I would also have 3 to represent all my bubbas I'm so sorry that you've been through this 3 times! That is awful sad thanks
I went to the early preg unit today and have opted to let things happen "naturally" as soon as I got home it hit me all over again.. Very sad times sad

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