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5 wks later and still positive

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Quietlyhoping Mon 07-Apr-14 15:55:46

Hi, I found out on 14/02 that we had lost our baby at 7-8 wks and had a medically managed mc on the 27th. It has been 5 weeks since the mmc and 7 since we were told and I am still getting a positive result on a pregnancy test and my period has made no sign of returning. My OH and I have not been very careful since the mc, but I can't trust what I am feeling. Has anyone else had a similar experience? I can't believe I would have had that much hormone in my body that I would still be getting positive results. So confused.

bakingtins Mon 07-Apr-14 19:54:02

You need to go back to either EPU or your GP for follow up. Did you have a scan following medical management to ensure MC was complete?
They will measure HCG to see if it is low and falling ( though 5 weeks is a long time to still be positive) in which case it should be monitored to zero, or if it's rising or static, in which case you need a scan to rule out retained tissue, a new pregnancy or molar pregnancy ( though this is rare)
Hope you get some answers and a 'clean slate' soon.

Quietlyhoping Tue 08-Apr-14 09:21:11

I was not given the option to have a scan following the medical management, they said it looked like I had passed everything and the on call dr carried out an internal exam.
I took a pt after 3 wks and it was positive so I had blood tests and they confirmed that the levels were going down, but 2 weeks later and I am still getting a positive result. I have phoned my GP and am now waiting for him to phone me back.
I just want to move on from this, but I can't until I know what is going on.

exexpat Tue 08-Apr-14 09:27:16

I would wonder about a possible molar/partial molar pregnancy - was any of the tissue you passed retained for analysis? Definitely worth getting checked out by the GP just in case.

If it is/was a molar, no need to panic. It will most likely just mean having an ERPC, and being monitored for a while before you can TTC again. Some really persistent ones need one or more doses of methotrexate (the same as is used to end ectopic pregnancies) to get rid of them.

Quietlyhoping Tue 08-Apr-14 09:43:42

I don't know if they retained any of the tissue, but my gut instinct is, no they didn't.
I stopped feeling pregnant weeks ago, but in the last week I have had a few symptoms again, but I don't know if they are just in my head, genuine or are there because of left over hormone. Aaaaahhhhhh, I wish it was straight forward. Losing the baby was hard enough, but having this drag on for so long is making it hard to move on.
I am going to ring the clinic I was treated in and see if they can give me any advise.

mistlethrush Tue 08-Apr-14 09:44:51

My first mc I had a molar pregnancy - unfortunately it wasn't picked up and I went 3 months keeping going back to the Dr before it was diagnosed.

However, (following DS) both the 2 MC I had subsequently, my HCG levels were not down for 3 months afterwards - not what you want, but I did not need any treatment, just monitoring to ensure that all was OK.

You do need to get checked out though - better safe than sorry.

LegoClone Tue 08-Apr-14 10:02:12

When I miscarried I was told to do a pregnancy test a week later and contact the EPU if it was still positive. It was and I was asked to go back in for a blood test. The blood test done that afternoon showed my hCG levels were now low enough that I wouldn't get a positive test with the urine test (and that the super cheap test I'd used was very sensitive!)

I had high levels of hCG for the stage of my pregnancy (thought I was 8-9 weeks but nothing visible on the scan and the "products of conception" I passed suggested no development past 5 weeks) so the doctor I saw was concerned and wanted to be sure the mc was complete.

Obviously everyone is different, but the fact that your hCG levels are still high enough to give positive results 5 weeks after your mc definitely needs further investigation, which hopefully your GP will realise and sort out for you.

Sorry for your loss thanks I hope that you get things resolved soon.

Quietlyhoping Tue 08-Apr-14 10:19:35

Thank you all for your advice. I have spoken to the clinic and I am being seen tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed I will have some answers.

Triplespin Wed 09-Apr-14 03:10:37

Hello. I hope you get some good advice and would be grateful if you can post it here too.
I am in a similar situation. 4 weeks on a still getting strong positives on hpt. I am still spotting/bleeding though, so hoping that is just taking longer. Are you still bleeding?

At 3wks my hcg was 226. This is odd as I miscarried at 6+3 and my hcg had not risen to above 1000. I am going for a repeat hcg in a few days. Lets hope it's heading in the right direction.

For a moral pg isn't it more likely that hcg levels would be very high?

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