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Waiting for ERPC

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catbus Mon 24-Mar-14 16:14:50

As above. Scheduled for Weds. Diagnosed with MMC on Friday at 10 weeks after a month of limbo.
So scared of bleeding before then as still traumatised by last MMC where I got taken in for emergency ERPC.. sad
Oddly, that sticks in my mind more than the birth of my son that followed a year later.
Am having dull backache and cramps and hoping so hard to not bleed before Weds.
Stupid body still thinks I'm pg- sore breasts- when will that stop? I lost all symptoms with previous MCs.
Tbh I am scared shitless at every twinge right now.. sad
I want to fast forward so I can deal with this properly and start being present for my children again.
Just a vent and a handhold smile

RunDMC Mon 24-Mar-14 17:59:20

Just wanted to say so sorry you are going through this catbus. I am going for ERPC on Thurs after two weeks in limbo and 2 pointless further scans (MMC found at 11 weeks). Ditto symptoms although have diminished a bit for me this week to be replaced with cramps and backache too. My biggest fear is that things happen naturally before Thurs as I just don't want to have to deal with that - having said my last MMC was v similar and god knows how long it would have taken (had ERPC then too).

Fingers crossed for you thanks

catbus Mon 24-Mar-14 23:07:50

Thanks, RunDMC smile
Isn't it shit? More the anxiety about it kicking off before the op, tbh..
Hope you go well on Thursday. Am starting to cramp now also. Still, not long to go, although no doubt I will finally deal with this emotionally, once I've had the ERPC, if that makes sense?
Thinking of you also thanks

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