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Pain after miscarriage - how long does it last?

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absandme Sun 02-Mar-14 22:47:16

I end up crying with everyones heart ache on these threads sad sorry to ask for help!

How long do I expect to be in pain for? 3 weeks after miscarriage.

I still have stabbing pains but bleeding stopped for a few days now. I'm on full dose of pain killers & still suffer. Swabs were negative for infection & just finished a course of antibiotics which were perscribed to me to be on the 'safe side' while they waited for my swab results. Pregnancy test negative.

This is my 3rd mmc but the first time I have 'gone naturally'. - the following does contain TMI... sorry!

I should have been 10 wks, baby died 5+6 but too small under their 'nice guidelines' to intervene & had no option but to go naturally. After a few days of going naturally including contractions for two days at home but not passing anything resembling a sac I could stand the pain no longer as it felt like something was sat on my cervix, really bad stabbing pains & bad cramping (my 1st mmc I had 'products' removed that were sat on cervix so remember the pain).

Scan showed sac still there so I was ready to have ERPC for theatre, in gown & not so sexy stockings ;-)
I had a massive & terrifying bleed - like a scene out of casualty & then an internal examination to 'remove products'

I divulge all this info to see if anyone else had similar as I am worried the pain I have now is 'not right' although the doc said it is to be expected considering my body adjusted for the pregnancy, is now adjusting back & the instrumental procedure I went through.

Sorry, this is me trying to keep it short!!

Also - any idea when to expect my first period?

duvetheaven Mon 03-Mar-14 10:55:57

Sorry for the difficult time you are having. I have had two ERPC's but had some cramping for a couple of hours whilst the anaesthetic wore off but was fine after a sleep. Three weeks on does sound like there could be a problem. Could you go back to the GP and ask to be referred to gynae? I think my period took about 6 weeks to return . Yes,the surgical stockings !
I hope someone else can also share their experience with you. Take care absandme and hope things work out x

Metalhead Mon 03-Mar-14 18:34:39

I'm so sorry for your loss OP. I had an erpc for a mmc two weeks ago, and I had hardly any cramping or pain afterwards, so I would definitely try and go back to your GP or phone the hospital where you had your procedure and ask their advice. Hope you start to feel better soon! x

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