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Sex after MC

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MortifiedAdams Tue 27-Aug-13 20:57:50

I miscarried at eleven weeks, one week ago today. Baby had stopped growing at eight weeks. Thanks to an incredibly supportive husband, and some great support on these boards, I feel I am recovering well.

Physically the pain has gone, my bleeding has stopped, and I no longer have any pregnancy symptoms. Emotionally, DH amd I feel strong, especially in the last two days or so. Any fresh emotion is arising feom telling friends and family as we see them.

I feel ready to resume our sex life, with contraceptives, and have a real urge to shag the pants off DH get intimate again. We dont have a particularly busy sex life, been together an age!! But we do enjoy the closeness it brings.

Is there any reason I should wait? I cant seem to see any concrete advice online and the docs never mentioned a wait time.

MortifiedAdams Tue 27-Aug-13 21:25:31


Purplefrogshoe Tue 27-Aug-13 21:37:10

You only have to wait until the bleeding stops the consultant told me so I think you will be fine smile

YorkshireTeaDrinker Wed 28-Aug-13 00:21:50

I miscarried at 9 weeks a fortnight ago. Bleeding stopped after a week and both DH a I wanted to start trying again as soon as possible. We had been TTC for a couple of years, so sex has become something of an obligation in recent times, but I really wanted to recover some of the intimacy. We started again 12 days after the MC. I have been a bit surprised by how frisky I am. blush

We are not using contraception. The only reason I could find for the general advice to wait until you've had a period before trying again is for dating purposes. I don't think that's a good enough reason to delay. We were told (by the fertility unit where i ad my scan to confirm the MC) that we could start trying again as soon as we felt ready. We both feel ready, so we have.

I have also been using OPKs to check for ovulation. Got a positive today, so feeling reassured that my body is getting back to normal.

goforthejobular Wed 28-Aug-13 00:34:46

Whenever you're ready OP. when I had a mmc and a d&c I waited as long as they advised. It may have been as long as 4 weeks but I can't remember. Just do what is right for you. smile

Thatssofunny Wed 28-Aug-13 09:04:38

The wait time is usually for dating purposes, as far as I know. I had some issues with my levels not dropping, so was waiting for first period to come along as a sign that things are getting back to normal. My period is about to finish and I got a negative pregnancy test earlier this week (checked again because my levels were still at 100+ three weeks ago when I last had a blood test done, and wanted to be sure that it is actually my period).
We'll be starting again this cycle and I intend to use opks as I've done previously. Feeling a bit frisky, too, which I hope is a good sign,...and so not like me at all. blush hmm
I was told to wait until the bleeding had stopped,..and that we could get started as soon as we were ready for it. (Mentally I was ready weeks ago, but my body wasn't quite agreeing with me.)

MortifiedAdams Wed 28-Aug-13 09:14:04

Thank you for the responses. We have already decided not to TTC til Christmas,as I want to make sure alk is back on track period wise, and everything is fulky recovered. Therefore jno need to wait for dating issues.


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