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Bit Worried

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amazingmumof6 Fri 18-Jan-13 10:25:09

so sorry to hear about both MC and prolonged problems!

if blood is brownish red, that's "old" blood/tissue clearing out, nothing to be worried about

if it's bright red that could be either a period (enough time has gone, so def, possible!) or hemorrhaging - not sure how to tell the difference

have you had the results of the test back? can you chase after them?

Irishmammybread Fri 18-Jan-13 10:17:26

Sorry you're going through this Geraldine .
I had three natural miscarriages last year so I don't have experience of ERPC but after the first and third which were at 11 and 12weeks my period arrived 35 days later. I'd been having repeated scans as the miscarriage took a while to become complete and in the end was told if there was any resdiual tissue it would just come away with my first period. In both cases the period did seem a bit heavier and more painful than usual.
After my second,early(6wks), miscarriage which was over quickly we didn't wait to ttc , I ovulated 14 days from the start of bleeding and conceived, so period would have just come at normal time otherwise.
If you're in a lot of pain and things don't seem right go back, but time wise it could be your period.It is good they're checking for infection.

GeraldineAubergine Fri 18-Jan-13 08:59:43

Sorry in advance for starting yet another thread. I wondered if this was normal and sorry for TMI. I found out I had mc on 12/12 and had an ERPC on the 14th. After that I bled and was in pain, two trips to A and E later I had a scan at epu and found out I needed another ERPC on 4/1/12. I had been fine after that until yesterday when i started having bad pain, passing clots and bleeding moderately. on the advice of epu i went to A and E who said it was probably my period. They didn't examine me but did take bloods for hb and infection markers. Im still really sore, passing tissue etc. I am just worried that in fact they still haven't sorted everything out. is it too early for my period, anyone have any ideas? I just thought it would all be over by now. I just cant move on. thanks if you made it to the end of this.

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