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Recurrent miscarriage referral to Frimley, Surrey

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HamDove Sat 17-Nov-12 01:13:44

Hi there, I'm currently waiting to be referred to Frimley I was wondering how long it roughly takes to get an appointment there, and what sort of tests they will do?

My history if u want to read it, it is long tho:
I had an ectopic pregnancy in 2007 (at Frimley), I was 7 wks (not with my husband but my previous partner), my tube started to rupture, and I either lost my left tube or it was partially removed. The reason why I'm unsure is when I have been for scans for my further miscarriage's the nurses have said (at different times) that it was completely removed and some have said partially.

I have had 3 miscarriage's with my husband, June 2011 (Frimley), dec 2011 (frimley) and my last one was aug 2012 (heatherwood & wexham), all three were suspected ectopics in my right tube "which sorted themselves out" as they put it. I had a natural miscarriage with all 3. I bleed at about 5wks on all, on the 6wk scan they can't see the sac etc but something in my right tube. I have a cyst on my right tube that has a lot of free fluid around it, during the pregnancies but in the after scan the fluid has gone and again I'm unsure if the cyst has shrunk or has gone.
I am a bit clueless, they never really know themselves.

After my last mc, I saw my dr about a wk later and talked about blood tests for my husband and myself, I had to wait for a call from her. in the mean time i had my final scan at the hospital, she wanted me to wait for my next period then re do the scan as they saw something behind my uterus.

I missed my drs call and spoke to another dr the next day, he told me to book our blood tests, we turned up for the appointment, my husbands weren't on his system, so the nurse jus did for him what she had done for me, she mentioned a urine sample, but the dr on the phone never told me about that, she said not to worry if the dr needs it she'll tell me in my follow up appointment. The nurse was concerned with the amount of blood tests I needed and said there must be an error. But she did wat she thought was realistic.

I had to wait over a month to get my follow up appointment, my GP was a bit off, kept talking over me and not letting me ask all my questions, its very frustrating when they are busy are dont have time for their patients. she checked our blood tests and arranged my follow up scan, then said to wait a week and call her bk.

3 weeks later I had my scan everything is bk to normal, whatever was seen behind my uterus wasn't there. I waited a wk and called bk, she said we can do the referral and asked where I wanted to go, I've chosen Frimley.I was so pleased we were finally going to be referred. But she called me bk after checking the referral procedure and I still need more bloods done and the urine sample, so that's another 3wks to wait.

We feel so deflated, we feel ready to try again, but she has told me not to, we were just hopping that the 4th go will be the one, but deep down I think there is a blockage or some problem with my right tube.

It's such a sad terrible thing to happen to anyone. Any happy ending stories are much appreciated, I'm losing hope slowly. Thanks for reading x

HamDove Sat 17-Nov-12 01:27:47

I'm not sure what blood tests were done but she did say the chromosome and lupus tests will be part of the referral and not done through my GP. This is the first time I have used a site like this, I've read some others before but never posted myself. X

Geekster Sat 17-Nov-12 18:56:19

Hi HamDove, sorry to hear you are going through the misery of miscarriage. We had tests done after three miscarriages, they did tests for clotting, autoimmune problems, like lupus on me and genetic/chromosome testing on both of us. It turned out one of my husbands chromosomes was upside down in a pair and one was the right way round they said if the wrong one paired up the most likely outcome would be early miscarriage. We then went on to have a further three miscarriages so asked to be referred again. This time we went to st Mary's in London. I had more tests done and found that something called a thromboelastogram was slightly elevated on one test it was done twice six weeks apart. The result was I had to take aspirin once I found out I was pregnant until 34 weeks. The result of the seventh pregnancy was our gorgeous healthy daughter born in March, so happy endings are possible.

We had to wait about three months for the results from the genetic testing but everything else was really quick.

Hope you are ok and wish you luck for the future xx

HamDove Sat 17-Nov-12 19:36:46

Hi Geekster,
I'm so sorry to hear u had 7mc's, i cant imagine how u both felt.
I'm so happy u have a baby daughter now! Congratulations!
It must of been frustrating that they didn't test for that originally.
I guess what I need to remember is that how ever long the wait is, it will be worth it in the end! Just knowing what the cause is will be a big step forward, though I know a lot of people never actually find the cause.
Thank you so much for responding xx

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