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Terrified it's happening again

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Hann5 Tue 24-Apr-12 13:36:35

I'm not sure whether to post here or not but am just desperate to 'talk'. I think I am having my third miscarriage in as 2 years. I have been searching the Internet as we all do for hours looking for other women's stories just because I am so low. I know I am lucky to have 2 sons already(one IVF the other natural)...and many people will be angry with me for being upset at miscarriage (understandably..I also feel guilty..) but I am desperate for my third baby. My husband has said that's it after this miscarriage I am dreading telling him. The story so far...I am 5 weeks and have lost all symptoms of pregnancy and this morning- my clearblue digital test showed pregnant by 2-3 weeks instead of 3+ as it had been showing for a week. I am waiting for blood test results..but have been here before. That's it- I guess I am just lost and wanted to talk.

Latteandmuffinplease Tue 24-Apr-12 13:48:34

Oh hann it's such an awful thing to go through sad but fingers crossed everything is ok. Don't feel guilty about already having 2 boys it doesn't matter how many children we have a m/c is still a much wanted child. I had a m/c 4 weeks ago and although it was a 'surprise' pregnancy as I had completed my family (I have 2 girls age 14 & 11) it was still heartbreaking to go through sad

Be kind to yourself and take care xx

ExpatAl Tue 24-Apr-12 13:49:48

The digital clearblue is a mind fuck Hann5. When my hcg was over 5000 it still said 2-3 weeks. You might be right but symptoms do wax and wane and I didn't really feel any strong symtoms until around 6/7 weeks last time. No two pregnancies are the same. I hope with all my heart that you're wrong.

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