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No Sign of Period and Womb Lining is Really Thin :-(

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CarinaP Mon 16-Apr-12 22:39:00

6 weeks on from my ERPC and still no sign of my period and pregnancy tests are negative

I had a scan today because i'd had some horrible cramping over the BH weekend and ended up on anti-biotics for an infection. They wanted to check that there was no tissue left behind and that there was no damage. I have been having continuous period like cramping for 3 days now aswell as some white discharge and asked the sonographer if the lining of my womb was building up as thought i was going to come on...she said its still very thin and not to expect a period anytime soon

I thought your periods were supposed to return 4-7 weeks after a miscarriage/erpc?? I can understand if your periods didn't return after a late miscarriage but my baby stopped growing at 6 weeks, although i didn't find out til 11 weeks and then had the erpc at 12 weeks, only bled light for 4 days and then got a negative result after a week.

I have also been having all the signs of still being pregnant yet no hormones are present???? The doctor said that this is quite common and normal...i'm so confused, surely if there are no pregnancy hormones in your body how can i still be showing signs of being pregnant?????

Anyway the scan showed everything as normal so now being referred again as they think the pain i'm still having could be endometriosis Seriously i just wanna have my period so i know when i'm going to ovulate as the sticks keep coming up negative and having sex last month has clearly not made 'things' happen...i would really like to feel normal again...its not a lot to ask for, is it???

funthatisfunny Tue 17-Apr-12 09:15:56

Hey chick, I am sorry you are going through this.

I cannot 'help' you as i am still waiting to miscarry and have so much yet to understand; however, I think there are some points that I could help with. From your post it seems that you are feeling frustrated and impatient to get back to normal which is completely normal and fine, but not very kind to yourself. This shit takes time, bugger though that is.

Firstly, your first cycle after mc is called the wtf cycle smile Who knows what is goping on, i think you just have to ride it out. Trying not to get pg on this cycle can help take the pressure off symptom spotting in such an unpredictable headfuck of a cycle. It sounds like the drs are on the case with your pains as much as can be and that is great for you?

yes, sadly you can feel pg in this cycle too. Actually, after I finished breastfeeding my son after 2 years I was utterly convinced I was pg the symptoms were so strong, but actually it was a hormone imbalance as my body righted itself. Remember the baby doesn't make the hormones, your body does ;0)

And finally, you will feel normal soon. You really, really, will smile Just not, maybe, quite yet. In the meantime come here to vent and share your experiences if you need to, we are all in limbo of different sorts.

I hope you get your period and BFP soon!

batteryhen Tue 17-Apr-12 13:17:35

Hello smile I have had 2 ERPC's. My periods came back from the first one after 7 weeks. The second came back at 13 weeks ( I was 12 weeks pg). Everyone is different, try not to worry.

Do you chart your temps at all? I was concerned that after my 2nd erpc, as I knew I ovulated on the 7th week, but 2 weeks later, had all the period pains but no bleed. I was going round the bend with worry. However, 2 weeks after that I ovulated again, and then I did have a really light bleed 2 weeks after that.

6 weeks is still a short time (I don't mean that to sound trivial - I know that each day feels like a week) but I would wait another 2 weeks then go and see the gp again. Best of luck to you xxxx

SianNic Tue 17-Apr-12 13:38:01

Hi, so sorry you are having to go though this sad I had reflexology after my first mc and I'm convinced that helped get me back on an even keel so maybe worth a try? There are people who specialise in fertity and maternity reflexology, the lady I saw was fantastic. Hope things settle down for you soon x

pebspop Tue 17-Apr-12 20:54:34

my period took 12 weeks to return after my last mc and i got it back after going to acupuncture - it came back the very next day after my first appointment. this was a pattern i saw repeated on internet forums - maybe it's just coincidence but who cares - it worked!!

sunnyday123 Tue 17-Apr-12 21:16:19

hi , so sorry this has happened sad

You sound like your experience is similar to me. Many years ago i had a missed m/c as 12 weeks (stooped growing at 7+2), i then had erpc.

After 1-2 weeks of spotting/pain i was diagnosed with infectiion following scan/swap. The sonographer also said my lining was very thin. She warned me that because it was thin, it would take me a while to get pregnant -and it did take 10 months of regular cycles in the end.

I don't mean that to sound negative - just trying to prepare you, the body takes time to recover following m/c and erpc especially- it may be best to delay ttc (easier said i know) because the pregnancy is more likely to "take' with a thicker lining. Try relax for the next few months and try not expect too much smile

Early note for the future: I also bled on my second and third pregnancies (a lot) and still went on to have 2 dds so if you do bleed in the future during pregnancies, don't worry smile - my consultant said some people are prone to it and will bleed with every pregnancy - that doesn't mean you will miscarry.

Jollyb Tue 17-Apr-12 21:22:22

Will be following this thread with interest - nearly 6 weeks post ERPC and no sign of a period here either. Can't believe six weeks have passed already.

CarinaP Tue 17-Apr-12 22:34:56

Thanks to all your replies and for sharing your experiences. I am sorry for your losses also :-( This is one big boat that we all share and if i feel comforted in anyway its through the support of mumsnet :-)

Over the last couple of days i've had some white discharge and then this morning i had clear stretchy I must be ovulating???? I tested but the ovulation stick came back negative...really don't understand confused Anyway hubby is gona get lucky tonight wink i just hope that with what sunnyday123 said doesn't happen to me as normally i only have to look at my hubby and i get's hope for a May positive!!

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