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Sister due to give birth anytime now feeling a bit emotional advice needed

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Ju1es22 Wed 28-Sep-11 20:36:54

I'm really happy now for my 19 year old sister but I took it really bad to start with! It was an accident she's 39 weeks and currently been with her bf just coming up to a year.

4 weeks ago I suffered my 5th mc in over 2 years of trying. I just felt like I was being punished i'd only mc two months previously then she found out she was pregnant I felt like i'd been kicked (I actualy bought her a test and got her do it right there and then)

I've really started to come round to the idea and got really excited. But i'm starting to get imotional now my parents go away for 10 days as of tomorrow morning. My sisters in hospital being induced at the present moment, how do I keep a brave face for my sisters sake?

I'm sure i'm just being silly but I just suddenly feel really overwhelmed!

Any advice would be gratefuly aprreciated

LIG1979 Wed 28-Sep-11 23:10:41

No - you aren't being silly - all friends and family's due dates are tough but accidental and unplanned due dates are even more difficult. It is rubbish how mc's make you feel when all you want is a baby of your own. I never knew ttc would be so hard and I think when other people find it so easy it almost makes it more difficult (even thought I would never want to begrudge someone else's happiness). So sorry for your losses and hope the next few days and weeks aren't too difficult x x

ColdSancerre Wed 28-Sep-11 23:16:10

Oh Jules you aren't being silly. My heart goes out to you it must be so hard. Just try to be kind to her while remembering that you have to be kind to yourself first of all is my only advice. If you find it hard to be around her just pull back for a while, she will understand.

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