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From constipation to frequent bm -I am loosing another one?

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legalbunny Sat 27-Aug-11 07:48:29

I am a bit worried (understatement!) with my other pregnancies i was constipated then could go to the loo again a few days before I miscarried. I am now only 5/6 weeks along and have gone from severe constipation to overly regular bms. Is this ever normal for a healthy pregnancy? I have no bleeding yet.

peggyblackett Sat 27-Aug-11 07:54:35

I have s complete mix of bowel movements in pregnancy. Yes, more constipation than normal, but also plenty of loose movements! Try not to worry.

legalbunny Sat 27-Aug-11 08:06:01

Thank you, I have my fingers crossed. It is earlier than in the other pregnancies, I guess I am to some extent waiting for bad news, which sounds terrible. I know stress is counterproductive to pregnancy, so i will try to calm down and keep my chin up. I have to wait and see what happens. I really appreciate your positive reply.

kat2504 Sat 27-Aug-11 09:59:55

I had this worry a week ago. I had the usual constipation from 4-5 weeks. Then at 6 weeks had a good bit of diarrhoea and thought I was about to miscarry. Had a scan on Monday which showed otherwise. Still very early so not sure yet, but I think if you are not bleeding then you shouldn't worry about the fluctuation. It's normal to mental about symptoms though, I've had 2mcs too and I worry all day every day about the slightest thing going on in my body.

legalbunny Sat 27-Aug-11 18:40:58

Really glad your scan went well- reassuring. I have a scan a week on Monday, as although I had one this week, it was just too early to show anything. I start at the high risk clinic on Wednesday- so am being looked after well by the Drs.

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