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methotrexate and surgery

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Alleycat13 Wed 03-Aug-11 12:14:16

hi, I was diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy at 8 weeks, docs were worried my right tube would rupture so they operated yesterday. in the end they didn't remove my tube cause they weren't 100% sure it was there. today they gave me an injection of methotrexate. feeling so low now - it shouldn't be so hard to have a baby. has anyone had methotrexate? i'm worried about the side effects when i'm already feeling physically and emotionally rubbish :-(

beanandspud Wed 03-Aug-11 23:34:15

Really sorry to hear of your loss. If you haven't already found them the EPT are really helpful FAQ here

I don't have any personal experience of methotrexate but there are lots of ladies on the forum boards who can help.

Muser Mon 08-Aug-11 12:22:22

Hi, just saw your post. I had methotrextate for an ectopic last January. The side effects weren't as terrible as I'd thought they might be. I was very, very tired but that was about it. I think I took 3 weeks off work in total as I just didn't feel able to go back. If you're working, don't rush back until you're physically and mentally able to cope.

I only had to have one injection, but it took a few weeks for my HCG levels to go back down to 0. At one point they were considering giving me a second but thankfully held off and I ended up not needing it.

You have to wait 3 months before you can try to conceive again, because the methotrexate strips the folate from your body which could be dangerous for a growing embryo. Once my bloods were at 0 I was allowed to take folic acid again. I had the 3 month wait and then was lucky enough to get pregnant immediately. My daughter will be 6 months old next week. Hope that gives you a bit of hope for future pregnancies. I know at the time I worried that maybe I'd never be able to have a baby.

The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust is a really good resource and their message boards helped me through the ectopic, recovery period and my pregnancy. Can't recommend them enough.

I hope the treatment is going ok for you. Stay strong.

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