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Thinking about trying again after 5 losses...need advice PLEASE!!!!

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Kileyrs Tue 11-Jan-11 02:20:01

HEllO EVERYONE! I am 29...30 in april and me and my husband have experienced 5 miscarriages without any explanation or answers to why this keeps happening. I have had some tests done and all came out normal. I was almost diagnosed with Lupus anticoagulant disorder but then my second test on it showed I was in normal test range(very close though, in my opinion) Anyways, If anyone has tried any thing without having a diagnosis that has been successful or has any advice for me I would really appreciate it or anything at all at this point.All i really want is to have a baby. I know many of you out there experience the same hope as me.I feel like its so unfair and after my miscarriages i feel almost like giving up but after about 6 months its all i can think about again. I want to start trying again but just dont really know where to start... i feel like i need some kind of plan, i just dont want another miscarriage...I want this more than anything, please help, thanks and sticky baby dust to you all =)

K12Mom Tue 11-Jan-11 02:50:00

Have you had tests to explore possible immunity issues?

Kileyrs Tue 11-Jan-11 02:52:55

yes i have had tests for auto immune disorders and all came back normal.

K12Mom Tue 11-Jan-11 02:56:17

At what stage do you miscarry?

Kileyrs Tue 11-Jan-11 03:37:19

k12mom, they have all been very early.... between 5 1/2 and 6 weeks...

Udderly Tue 11-Jan-11 04:13:53

Have you had your progesterone levels checked?

K12Mom Tue 11-Jan-11 04:34:43

Yeah, defo get your hormones checked. And a thorough scan to make sure that there is nothing structurally wrong.

minmooch Tue 11-Jan-11 15:28:23


My history - 2 lc from first marriage, no problems, normal pg, normal births (sons are 13 and 15)

With dh no 2 we had 3 early miscarriages at 8,12 and 6 weeks. We then fell pg with id twin girls but lost them at 21 weeks due to suspected TTTS and IUGR. We then had 4 further miscarriages at 8, 5, 9 and 5 weeks. I am currently pg again (going fo rthe world record smile and have been to see a recurrent miscarriage specialist. I have had all the tests going and have never come up with anything abnormal. My consultant has put me on the following programme: After ovulation to af due 5 mg of prednisolene (a steroid which keeps my immune system down so that it does not fight off an 'alien' pregnancy). At bfp increase to 10 mg. I am injecting heparin twice daily (to thin my blood incase of any undiagnosed clots) and am on 400 mg progesterone (this is body's natural hormone to keep uterine wall thick and healthy for first 12 weeks) to boost natural hormone. It is still early days for me but hoping that this time it works for us.

Hope this helps.


Kileyrs Tue 11-Jan-11 16:20:31

K12MOM, i have had a saline ultrasound to check to make sure everything looked how it was suppose to (as far as uterus and etc) Everything looked good. I have also took progestorone supeplements given to me everytime i found i was pregnant(which was very early, before af was even due) and baby aspirin but this never seemed to help either! MINMOOCH, i wish u the best of luck and lots of sticky baby dust..., i have a gut feeling it will work this time and usually when i have that feeling(a couple of my friends who had a similar situation) I am right ).... My miscarriage specialist has also suggested heparin in case of any undiagnosed clots or blood disorder. I will probbably go that route. I think the worse thing about people with recurrent miscarraiges is that a lot of us never get a diagnosis which means no treatment. I hate the fact of going into another pregnancy with the anxiety of lossing it again. IT cant help out the situation.Thanks for your thoughts! I look forward to hearing anyone elses thoughts or advice and wish you all the best!

MummyAbroad Tue 11-Jan-11 16:34:00

Hi Kileys,

Sorry for all you have been through, I cant imagine how painful it must have been.

Have you been referred to a recurrent miscarriage clinic? Is this where you had your tests done?

There are a number of women who have been through testing on this support thread . You are welcome to come and join us.

I discovered through testing that I have Ashermans Syndrome, symptoms are lack of or very light periods, sometimes painful periods (caused by retrograde bleeding) infertility/recurrent mc. It is very hard to get a diagnosis for this, I saw 5 gynecologists who knew nothing about it before going to see an AS specialist.

Obviously your case may be completely different, but I just wanted to highlight that there are some conditions that are routinely ignored in basic testing. Its well worth being your own advocate and finding out all you can so that you can push and ask for the right things, and dont be fobbed off!

Have you read Lesley Regan's book "Miscarriage, What Every Woman Needs to Know"? Its a good place to start finding out what conditions/treatments exist for recurrant mc.

Hope you get some answers soon


Kileyrs Tue 11-Jan-11 19:32:36

Hi Mymmyabroad, i do see a recurrent miscarriage doctor and yes thats who has done my testing.Thanks for the insight about ashermans sundrome...Also, I havent read that book, where can I find it? Sounds like something that I would like to read.. I will come join you all on that support thread.. Thanks again!

MummyAbroad Tue 11-Jan-11 20:05:42

Hi Kileyrs,

I got the book from Amazon. Lesley Regan is the head of the recurrent miscarriage unit at St Mary's Hospital, so she knows her stuff. Make sure you get the most up to date version of the book though, things change all the time.

Kileyrs Tue 11-Jan-11 20:22:09

thanks mummyabroad.. I am actually in USA not the uk so St.Marys hospital here isnt the same one.Ha.. i think this website is for UK but everyone is so helpful so thats okay. I am going to look for the book on amazon, thanks again!

MummyAbroad Tue 11-Jan-11 21:22:13

I'm in Costa Rica! Almost close enough to wave to you grin

MommyMayhem Wed 12-Jan-11 03:58:08

Dr Sher has a very good reputation with recurrent miscarriage cases:

Crystal5 Wed 12-Jan-11 14:10:00

Minmooch - wishing you the best with this pregnancy. What a roller coaster you have been on.
I'm going to ask the nurse to do a Progesterone bloods next week when I get my regular thyroid bloods done.
My Endo is looking into Prednisone but I haven't heard from him since November.

1 DS age 4 then 6 m/c, all unexplained.

Kileyrs - Don't give up, you've got plenty of time. I'm sure you'll get your dream. I know it doesn't help when people say that. It's different for me I get told "to get on with it", I'm 39.
I swear by Ovulation Kits and use pre-seed xx

couldthisbeit Wed 12-Jan-11 19:42:17


I have had 4 miscarriages - one mmc found at 10 weeks, and 3 subsequent 'natural' losses between 6 and 7 weeks. Initial testing found nothing untoward, and I fell pregnant before we began a second phase of testing.

I too would think never again whilst in the raw stages of grief at each loss, but within 4 or 5 months, the urge to try again would hit.

I am now 17+3 with what I hope will be our first baby. SO i'm still very much on my journey but we have seen our little one twice and heard the heartbeat so my hope is slowly growing each day. If the sickness and heartburn are anything to go by, it's a keeper!

I hope my ending will be a happy one, and I hope the same for each of you x

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