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Recurrent Buns - Miscarriage Testing and Beyond!

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LunaticFringe Tue 20-Jul-10 20:22:24

Message withdrawn

Julezboo Tue 20-Jul-10 20:33:11

Evening all!

Marking my place.

Pot Noodle was yummy! I am torturing myself now by watching underage and pregnant.

Glad you are feeling more positive today lunatic

stillfrazzled Tue 20-Jul-10 21:01:56

Marking my place too while my dinner finishes cooking. DH out for the night so making something he hates.

And Julez, my torture of choice is 16 and Pregnant on MTV. SO glad it's not just me... have to flip channels when DH is about, the shame...

Broken, further to convo on other thread, would it be worth at least asking/begging for a prescription tomorrow? I know nothing about Clomid, so simplistically hoping they might think it's worth a punt and at worst just won't help? Feel free to kick me if I'm being stupid.

Lunatic, hope your DD's much better now.

Brokenbits Tue 20-Jul-10 21:03:03

Hoorah - a brand new thread with some brand new luck - hopefully! mumatron Please endeavour to forward on your cosmic, karmic wonderment posthaste!

Lunatic Just a quick note to say thank you for making me laugh through the tears. You always manage it, even in the bleakest of times. Hope your DD feels a million times better tomorrow. I know what you mean about worrying about the one you have. Well done for the proactive optimism!

Funnily enough, I'm feeling far better after watching Botched Surgery on the telly. At least my body doesn't look THAT bad, even if it doesn't work! grin

Thanks all from the previous testing thread for being the voices of reason and loveliness. Very much appreciated on days like these.

Brokenbits Tue 20-Jul-10 21:17:24

frazzled x post! You aren't being stupid at all. I think much of the rigmarole they put you through is largely down to how desperate you actually are i.e. how much you're willing to go through to prove you REALLY want a baby.

However, the protocol is mega strict these days. Time was that they would have let your GP give clomid to you, but those days are long gone due to the risk of multiple births, further complications with hormone imbalances etc. I guess they're just covering their backs. You also have to be interrogated to even start the process (seems dreadfully unfair when the likes of Kerry Katona are banging babies out left, right and centre without any questioning on drug/ alcohol abuse and no baby licence!) which means filling in forms about how long I've been in a stable relationship and how often I have sex. I have no idea if they will give it to me in the end anyway. I'm just hoping.

I think a big part of me has actually just acknowledged the fact that last time we made a baby as it should be done - naturally and snuggled in our own bed. This clinical process seems so unlike the way I feel conception should be, that I think it's making me a little bit angry as well as sad, but I am still so very grateful that there is help out there. I just have to learn to be patient!! Thanks so much for your support today btw.

My DH is also out, so it's a night of rubbish food and trash TV. Guilty little pleasures eh?

GrumpyFish Tue 20-Jul-10 21:47:33

Hello all! You've moved! Welcome to your new home smile.

Have been checking up occasionally and glad to see so many of you doing so well. You really are giving me hope that it's not a lost cause. mumatron and frazzled well done for getting so far and staying sane in the process. frazzled you really have had a time of it, very well done for holding it together, hope you don't have any more bleeding from now on. Lunatic also keeping everything crossed for you.

Broken I think you're a few steps ahead of me on a similar road. My last month progesterone tests came back low, which I think I told you. GP wanted to repeat them this month to have 2 lots to refer me on with, so I've just had them done on day 21 and 25, not phoned for results yet. Am getting referral either way, results are just so that consultant doesn't start again with 2 months of tests when I do get seen. Suspect that there will be a reasonable waiting list, informally I have heard that it's about 6 months. Think we are going to start TTC again anyway next month, am fairly sure I am ovultaing despite low progesterone levels. The worry obviously is that progesterone is too low to carry any baby that we are lucky enough to conceive, but I don't think I can bear to just sit about waiting for months. Accupuncture lady has been explaining to me the link between stress / tiredness and low progesterone, so am using this as an excuse to put my feet up as much as possible and make DH do more than his share of the housework grin. Can only imagine what I will be like if I do manage to get pregnant again!

Anyway, I really just wanted to say hi and that I do still check in on you even if I don't have a huge amount to add... may be back for a bit of support over the coming weeks if you'll have me, have enjoyed my little holiday from obsessing about baby-related things, but it's back to the "real world" next cycle!

GrumpyFish Tue 20-Jul-10 21:50:14

Oops sorry, and julez! a big well done to you too and I'm sorry you've been feeling so rough... I had crappy MS with DS, not anywhere near the hospitalisation stage, but still enough to feel pretty miserable, the memory hasn't really faded 2 years on. Ate very little other than toast from weeks 5 - 14, obv not ideal but didn't seem to do him any harm, he was a very health 9lbs at term. Hoping that it passes for you soon.

LunaticFringe Tue 20-Jul-10 22:02:13

Message withdrawn

Brokenbits Tue 20-Jul-10 22:07:22

Hi GrumpyFish lovely to "see" you. Good to know someone in the same boat IYSWIM. Not that it's a very nice boat and I wouldn't wish it on anyone, but the wonderful ladies here certainly help with the journey.

TBH I have had signs of ovulation for the past 3 months, which leads me to believe that ovulation might be happening, albeit too weakly to get me anywhere. It would seem that the first half of my cycle is fine, but something goes pear-shaped during the 2ww - possibly all down to the low progesterone, but I'm having my LH and FSH tests done again tomorrow, so I'm hoping they will have a complete picture soon. I've often wondered if these hellish periods might be chemical pregnancies, but there's no real way of knowing with such bizarre hormonal mayhem going on.

shock at the 6 month wait! Is that before referral or for treatment after you've been seen? The new 18 week referral system on the NHS should surely cut this down a wee bit? I'm assuming if you were going private you'd be seen much more quickly?

Best of luck with your ttc journey. Check in every now and then to let me know how you're getting on. There will always be a HTH at this end for you.

GrumpyFish Tue 20-Jul-10 22:45:03

Hello Broken. I'm in Scotland, so I don't think the 18 week thing applies here, unfortunately. I was told that this kind of thing is outwith whatever targets we have as not a proper "illness" type situation. The 6 months is just to get seen! I think we could go private, yes, and I think we'll be giving it serious consideration, but after 3 months of weekly accupuncture plus the testing I had done at the outset I'm starting to feel that we are chucking too much money at this and wondering if maybe just giving it time would be better.

I have had a couple of hellish periods that I think now must have been CPs too (and one CP in addition to (before) the 2 MC that I did know about - positive but v faint test then AF bang on time but awful). The bad periods have usually been a bit late (although one was freakishly early, in a month where I felt v pg in the 2ww), very crampy, very heavy. In the 3 months that we have not been TTC I have had regular and much lighter, shorter and less painful periods, which does suggest that this might have been what was happening before. Or that the accupuncture and massive doses of vit B6 that I have been taking are having an effect. Maybe it's better not to know!

Wish my GP would do LH and FSH - I have only had these done once, on day 14 after a MC. Was told they were "fine" (don't know what they were) but now think that this result is probably irrelevant as done at the wrong time. They were part of the tests we had done privately, which is very annoying as probably just a total waste of money - you'd think the clinic would have pointed out that they should be done on a specific day, but no. GP seems to view this as a bit outwith his scope though, and wants to leave it to the hospital clinic.

Anyway, off to bed but "see" you all soon!

mumatron Wed 21-Jul-10 08:37:17

ooh isn't this nice! a lovely new home. i'm bringing some smokey bacon crisps and a bottle of gatorade.

don't have time for a proper post, just marking my place.

Brokenbits Wed 21-Jul-10 16:00:11

Grumpy shock at the not a proper "illness" situation. Next they'll be denying diabetics insulin! Funny how they can medicalise it to death as and when it suits, but totally disregard that when it comes to specific protocol. I sincerely hope you aren't waiting that long. Time has definitely not been a great healer for me. I'm not sure how long is too long in terms of getting better, but I reckon 9 months is plenty long enough for my body to have recovered if it was going to do it without help.

With regards the CP thing, it probably is better not to know. My friend went for tests knowing she had a few problems, only to come out with a handful more that she wasn't aware of. Apparently she'd had several CPs but hadn't known due to the fact that she suffered with endometriosis. Mind you, progesterone deficiency can eventually result in horrible periods and endometriosis apparently, so it looks as though we're buggered either way!

Well, my AF randomly stopped today, so I didn't go for the tests as planned, as I was told it had to be a proper period to get an accurate result. I haven't had a normal period for ages, so I'll plan to go tomorrow provided it has reappeared by then! Not another month of this on again off again rubbish.

mumatron mmmm smoky bacon.

Lunatic Glad I gave you a giggle. Did you get any sleep last night? How's your DD doing?

TwinkleToes76 Wed 21-Jul-10 16:53:30

Hello all

Hope you don't mind me crashing in to ask a question?

I've just had my second MC in a row (ERPC yesterday), both were at 8 weeks. I already have a daughter who is almost 3. I got pregnant very easily with her and had a textbook pregnancy and birth. I know that the NHS don't start investigating any causes of MC until you've had 3 in a row as 2 is apparently 'not uncommon' (although seems bloody unfair if it is just bad luck). I was wondering if it might be worth thinking about paying privately for tests before a possible 3rd happened. My lovely mum has offered to pay as I am a pauper! Do you think it is worth it? I love the NHS and it would irk me to go privately but if there is a problem I'd rather find out sooner rather than later.

Does anyone know if you can get seen privately at St Mary's or have any recommendations for clinics in London? My scans seem to suggest that my uterus and ovaries look fine, nothing came back form the lab who examined the tissue from the first miscarriage and the consultant I saw yesterday suggested that the MCs might just be down to random chromosomal abnormalities - in which case is there any test that would help me anyway?

Can anyone shed any light on any of this? Thanks wimenz, I appreciate any guidance you can give!

stillfrazzled Wed 21-Jul-10 18:58:40

Grumpy, good to see you! Glad you're back on the bus, hopefully some combination of the rest and acupuncture and medical stuff will make things happen for you. Must say I'm disgusted by the 'not a proper illness' thing - maybe technically not, but few things are more devastating.

Broken, hope you're feeling a little bit better today. Shame about the tests - but what are they classing as a 'proper' period? Do they mean more like the ones you had pre-mc? Meant to say, I salute you for finally sayig something to that woman - I've itched to do it so many times and always chickened out.

Lunatic, is your DD better? Did you get any sleep in the end?

Julez, fx the sickness has lessened and you've managed to eat something and rest.

And mumatron, where do you get Gatorade from? I didn't know you could buy it over here.

And welcome twinkle, although really sorry to hear about your losses. I'm somewhat similar, in that I conceived and carried DS with no problems, bar a couple of early and not too serious bleeds, but then had two mc in three months. Did consider tests privately (which is how come I ended up on this thread) but eventually decided against and am now nearly 12 weeks pg. Am not out of the woods yet, and still bloody terrified, but I am past the stage where I had the first two, so looks as if they might have been random horrific luck. Don't know if that's any help, probably not, but is one perspective.

Not much to report - vile afternoon of tantrums from DS (we've made it up now but was Rotten Toddler vs Horrible Shouty Mummy, NVG), I'm still starving and am busy packing for hols on Saturday. Have just realised this means no MN for a week - eeeeek!

TwinkleToes76 Wed 21-Jul-10 20:05:48

Thanks Frazzled, congratumalations on your pregnancy! Is it all going smoothly this time?

I am kind of leaning towards doing nothing too but that may change if it takes an age to get pregnant again - I need to feel like I'm doing something constructive in this TTC lark!

I'm off on holiday tomorrow to lick my wounds and drink lots of wine. Any other suggestions/thoughts would be welcomed though!

LunaticFringe Wed 21-Jul-10 20:09:22

Message withdrawn

TwinkleToes76 Wed 21-Jul-10 20:57:57

Oh Lunatic, how utterly devastating for you. Thank you for your insight, I may give St Mary's a call just to see how many ££££ it might cost and let that be the deciding factor.

Julezboo Wed 21-Jul-10 21:08:43

Evening all,

Welcome twinkle no experience on clinics in london sorry but you have lots of advice from those that do!

lunatic glad DD is better today, would you like to swap? DS2 has been horrible. I think I am going through similar to frazzled with a 3 year old boy. Thank god DH is putting them to bed now. He can JUMP is door gate shock

grumpy good to see you back! Fingers crossed for you!

broken grrr at your AF, it does mess you about a hell of a lot. Shall I send some heavies over to deal with her?

I have had an okay day today, I did some housework, not too much but its looking better, DH hoovered when he got in. I had a lovely bath and washed my hair finally and no long imitate a gorilla on my legs and armputs grin

Why you ask? The midwife is booking me in tomorrow waaahhh!!! It is a HUGE step for me! I got so upset on the phone this morning when I spoke to her but she was lovely and I need to do it otherwise I will be too late for neccessary blood tests.

waves to everyone else

LunaticFringe Wed 21-Jul-10 21:17:38

Message withdrawn

mumatron Wed 21-Jul-10 21:26:36

well, cant find laptop charger and my bb will only let me scroll back a few posts, if i miss anything or anyone, i apologise in advance.

welcome twinkle, crap that you have been through this. i have had tests through the nhs and privately, for me private wins everytime. although if i was you i would try for an nhs referral to st marys 1st. the only difference being the waiting times. in my case my nhs cons was only offering me limited testing and seeing someone privately was much quicker and definately worth the money. the nhs cons refused treatment even though tests indicated a possible problem.

lunatic yay at the spotty chest! hmm not very often you get to say that!

frazzled where are you off on hols? very envy i'm desperate to get away, no chance this year.

julez good to hear your feeling a bit better. hope it continues.

broken how very dare af mess you around like this?! makes it a nightmare for testing etc.

well i finally caved and got some maternity stuff grin loads in the sales. finally got a dress for the funeral tomorrow, only problem is it's a size 8. it's not maternity and it's going to be worn once. never mind, t'is lovely

and can't go back far enough to see who asked but you can get gatorade in most supermarkets and spars now. really makes a difference when then the sickness is bad. much better than just water.

LunaticFringe Wed 21-Jul-10 21:30:32

Message withdrawn

mumatron Wed 21-Jul-10 21:35:03

im impressed with myself tbh. belly has really expanded last week or so. i will be a wreck tomorrow. i'm always crying atm. there was a thread on here about songs/adverts that make you cry, i cried at the thread blush

mumatron Wed 21-Jul-10 21:35:29

im impressed with myself tbh. belly has really expanded last week or so. i will be a wreck tomorrow. i'm always crying atm. there was a thread on here about songs/adverts that make you cry, i cried at the thread blush

Julezboo Wed 21-Jul-10 21:35:45

Size 8 envy mumatron I havent been a size 8 since I was 12 lol!!

TwinkleToes76 Wed 21-Jul-10 21:36:10

Hi and thanks Jules (good luck tomorrow) and Mumatron. I will investigate further when I get back from holiday. I have a genrally sympathetic GP and it might be worth trying to pursuade her to refer me. Thanks again for your help all, I may be back with more questions soon!

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