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Year 6 national child measurement programme

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cushioncuddle Mon 03-Dec-18 07:03:10

It's optional but you really should go to benefit your child and to help you understand nutrition.

MeVoila Mon 03-Dec-18 05:40:52

It was optional. I don't think they could 'make' anyone go. It was 2 hours a week for 8 weeks, in a leisure centre.
I thought they couldn't teach me anything but I was wrong. I appreciated the support of the professionals, and hearing other parents' experiences. DS enjoyed the activities. It was such a good opportunity to focus on DS and we were both very motivated. Six months later, we've tailed off terribly. I wish we could go again.

CC38 Sun 02-Dec-18 22:30:05

Hi, thank you for your reply. Do you know if that course is compulsory or can you refuse it please ? 😊

MeVoila Sat 01-Dec-18 23:05:09

We received the offer of a place on an Council/ NHS Dietitian led healthy living programme with our results letter. It was an excellent course and I'm glad I didn't just throw a reactionary mardy strop and get all offended by the offer.

Mumshappy Sat 01-Dec-18 22:56:04

Letters are sent to any underweight/overweight childs parents/guardians

Starlight456 Sat 01-Dec-18 22:54:11

I thought parents received a letter first but I withdrew my ds

CC38 Sat 01-Dec-18 22:50:01

Does anybody know if the school nursing team has to inform the parent before they make a referral for the child over the child's height or weight please ?

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