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Exploration of Mind-sets

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EilidhCK Tue 31-Jan-17 14:49:43


I am an Edinburgh University honours student, looking to explore how mind-sets and how the mind-sets of parents influence the mind-sets of their children.

A mind-set is an implicit attitude. People hold mind-sets about all kinds of things, this study will specifically look at mind-sets related to intelligence and failure.

An intelligence mind-set is the implicit attitude held towards intelligence – generally whether you think that you have a fixed, unchangeable amount of intelligence, or whether you believe that intelligence is something which can change and increase.

A failure mind-set is the implicit attitudes held towards failure – this represents attitudes about whether you consider failure to always be a negative thing, or whether you think it can sometimes be positive and help you to learn.

The research aim of this study is to show that children are more aware of their parents failure mind-set than they are of their intelligence mind-set.

It would be so helpful to me if anyone was willing to participate in my study - I would be happy to provide general feedback on mind-sets, and also answer any questions about mind-set research.

The study is fully approved by the University of Edinburgh Ethics Board.

I have included the link below,

If you would be willing to participate, please enter an email address as the ID. This will not be stored and is not to contact you in anyway, it is just to keep track of individual responses and so we know the same person has not done it twice or anything along those lines

Thanks for reading my post and hopefully for considering participating in my study! smile


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