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Do you sleep well AFTER the menopause?

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Sayyesmummy Wed 29-Jul-09 16:28:34

I suffer with insomnia & I'm sure it's hormone related.
Just wondering if it will ever end....Can I look forward to lovely sleep after the menopause??? smile

ihearthuckabees Wed 29-Jul-09 16:37:35

Ooh, I too am a bad sleeper, and there's definitely a hormone-related cycle to it. During pre-menstrual week I am very restless and never seem to go into a deep sleep. At other times am really just a very light sleeper so easily disturbed, and also suffer early wakening (4.30am-5.30am).
I think i could count on one hand the number of times, in the last 10 years, I've woken up feeling really refreshed and ready to go! (Am sleeping on a camping mat this week, as my in-laws are visiting and, quite rightly, have the use of our bed. It's almost, but not quite as bad as, camping for real. Sigh).

Sayyesmummy Wed 29-Jul-09 17:49:26

It's bloody annoying isn't it?
Could you not treat yourself to a blow up mattress? wink

Sayyesmummy Thu 30-Jul-09 09:43:18

Any one?

ihearthuckabees Thu 30-Jul-09 13:36:48

All the post-menopausal women must be too busy lounging around, sleeping LOL.

Sayyesmummy Thu 30-Jul-09 15:05:46

That must be it!

Lilymaid Thu 30-Jul-09 15:18:07

We are probably all busy at work!
I don't have a problem but colleague at work has had a terrible problem with sleeping which started a few years before the menopause and is still not sorted.
Treat this message as a further bump - there must be some insomniac menopausal women on here!

mrsmerryweather Sat 01-Aug-09 14:40:37

Sleep problems are a sign of the meno- in fact my insomnia was almost the main reason for HRT- I was wide awake the minute I hit the pillow and wakeful several times a night.

HRT sorted it in a week.

Sayyesmummy Sat 01-Aug-09 17:02:07

Ooo that sounds good Mrsmerry. Have you had other positives about HRT & how d'you feel in general about it?

mrsmerryweather Sat 01-Aug-09 21:48:40

so far, I feel very positive after a few on it. I feel great, though apart from some mild- but very frequent- flushes and not sleeping, I had no other symptoms pre HRT.

My dr believes that up to 5 years use is safe, and after that it's personal choice down to your personal history, (we'll see) and says quite rightly that you are at greater risk on your car on a motorway, if you go by stats.

I got the right "dose" straight off with my HRT and have had no side effects at all. Started after what turned out to be my last period at 53.

mrsmerryweather Sat 01-Aug-09 21:49:03

should say a few "months"!

Sayyesmummy Sun 02-Aug-09 12:58:03

Thanks! I have loads of symptoms -some not nice. And I'm 39 sad

mrsmerryweather Sun 02-Aug-09 13:00:31

sayeysm- ow do you know it's all related to the menopause?

You must see your dr- if you are having meno before aged 45 itis classed as early meno and you must take HRT to protect your bones, up til the age of natural meno- say 50.

Go and get checked out!

Sayyesmummy Sun 02-Aug-09 14:49:13

Thanks mrsmerry. I don't know for sure as haven't had tests but literally have every weird and wonderful symptom going so would be amazed if it wasn't. Feel I've had build up of symps for years now. Will go to Dr definitely. Would positively snap up HRT if it took away my mood swings (and gave my back my mojo!!)

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