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Do you find your PMS\PMT getting a lot worse the older you get?

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KerryMum Fri 29-Feb-08 09:26:42

And the closer to peri\menopause?

Mine has been getting progressively worse lately (for months now). Is this normal? Are there any natural things I can take? I'm honestly going to try to go the natural route with this whole thing and as I'll be 46 in a couple of months I'm assuming it's rolling in soon.

TimeForMe Fri 29-Feb-08 12:00:36

Most definately!

If I have done this correctly this is a link to a thread started yesterday. It has some good suggestions on it.

HTH smile

KerryMum Fri 29-Feb-08 12:15:18

Oh, thanks for that! smile

Will have a looksie when I get back from town.

alysonpeaches Wed 05-Mar-08 22:49:06

On the contrary, mine was definitely worst in my 20s. Its not as bad as it used to be. Im 48 now. I have heard that HRT can make it worse too.

I think I used to take Epogam evening primrose oil when it was bad.

Malificence Thu 20-Aug-09 10:42:53

My PMT is far less awful than it used to be and I'm convinced it's because I'm no longer ovulating every month - I'm 43.
I also take ginseng and omega 3/6/9.
All I need to now is to get this damn coil removed as I'm having horrendous periods every 3 weeks, just waiting for hubby to have a clear sperm sample after his vasectomy a month ago - you have to give it 12 weeks!

ChristieF Thu 15-Oct-09 11:50:43

I'm 48 and have always had bad pmt. Much worse as I get older but in a different way. I get very depressed and I mean seriously. Can't stop crying. Also get very clumsy. I know when a period is due because I break plates, iron my hand, bang my head on cupboards. I assume it's the changing balance of hormones. I have taken evening primrose for years with no effect. I also get manic which is great if cleaning needs doing.

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