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What is the difference between perimenopause and the menopause? How do you avoid weight gain? Does the menopause magnet work? And ye gods, tell us how to get a good night's sleep! Luckily Gransnet has put together the most useful tips for navigating those muddy menopausal waters. Mumsnet has not checked the qualifications of anyone posting here. If you have any medical concerns do consult your GP.

Pregnant Mares Urine

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Oxfordblue Mon 09-Oct-17 23:58:45

I'm 48 & just started having hot flush during the day & night. I suspect my vagina is loosing its elasticity too confusedI'm quite anti HRT because of the way it's produced & also feel that, whilst it may help with the hot flushes, they've got to come out sometime.
Are there other options available?
My Dr has suggested Ad's or HRT & just sent me a stack of literature to read, but I do find women sharing more helpful. Marilyn Glenville seems to be big on Omega 3's for example.

1966gettingold Tue 10-Oct-17 06:35:59

If in the UK , the “ mares urine “ form of HRT is not advised no, but there are many other forms to choose from which are not made from mares urine.

Gels, patches and pills. I use oestrogel which is rubbed into my thighs which originates from “ yams”.

The only thing that will help your vagina is local oestrogen as we can get a condition called vaginal atrophy , even in MGs book she says that local oestrogen is needed for the vagina.

You can spend a fortune on alternatives , when at your age under natural age of menopause 51 your body needs and should be given HRT, to protect your heart and bones.

PollyPerky Tue 10-Oct-17 08:32:57

As PP says.

Only HRT starting with Pre is mares' urine- Prempak and Premarin. These aren't used as much now and you can always tell your dr you don't want them.

Hot flushes don't always 'have to come out' and if they do, you could have 5-10 years without them or forever if you were to use HRT for life. Flushes tend to start when hormones fluctuate so they can settle down - taking HRT doesn't 'park them'. But on the other hand, some women never ever stop having them ( my mum had them in her 80s) but was refused HRT in her 60s for being too old. Now, if you start HRT before 60, it's safe to carry on with it when you are older.

I believe that a good diet is important for everyone - Omega 3 is great for skin and blood vessels- but it's not going to replace estrogen which keeps hearts, bones, joints, bladders, vaginas, healthy!

Oxfordblue Tue 10-Oct-17 09:23:00

Thank ladies, I'm a bit bewildered about it all. So should I have the HRT? I already have osteopanenia which is thinning bones.

PollyPerky Tue 10-Oct-17 10:05:51


At 48 you are on the young side for menopause ( a bit)- average age is 52.

If you already have osteopenia you should use HRT for at least 5-10 years with a DEXA scan every 3 years.

What was your stage of osteopenia? Do you know your T-score?

Oxfordblue Tue 10-Oct-17 13:03:43

Thanks PP - I had a bone density scan last September which showed this. I don't know the score but can ask. I've been taking Vit D since, apart from the summer & at the last check that was back in the normal range.

PollyPerky Tue 10-Oct-17 14:17:16

Vit D will help your body absorb calcium from food but in itself it won't build your bones back up. Were you given any advice? Exercises, diet , HRT.

*What Your T-score Means. According to the World Health Organization (WHO)*:

A T-score of -1.0 or above is normal bone density. Examples are 0.9, 0 and -0.9.

A T-score between -1.0 and -2.5 means you have low bone density or osteopenia. Examples are T-scores of -1.1, -1.6 and -2.4.

A T-score of -2.5 or below is a diagnosis of osteoporosis. Examples are T-scores of -2.6, -3.3 and -3.9.

The lower a person’s T-score, the lower the bone density. A T-score of -1.0 is lower than a T-score of 0.5 and a T-score of -3.5 is lower than a T-score of -3.0.

Oxfordblue Tue 10-Oct-17 16:59:38

Just spoken to the surgery & my t score was -1.1 That was the lowest reading of all the bones. I might be lucky to have another scan in 2 years, I think I only managed to have this because my mum & gran have & had bone issues.

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