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Help! Menopause & memory lapse/vagueness

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CustardShoes Sat 11-Mar-17 14:58:43


I think earlier today I had a very bad attack of memory loss or vagueness that caused me to inadvertently eat lunch without paying for it.

I was working away at a place with a cafe in the building, but self-service, but not set out like a cafeteria, so I picked out my food, put it on a tray then wandered over to where the seats were to look for somewhere to site (not always easy to find a table at this place). I was thinking about the piece of work I'm in the middle of, and the next steps. But I simply have no memory of paying for my lunch ...

No-one stopped me, or called out, or came to find me. And in looking for somewhere to sit, I had to walk past where the cashier is.

It wasn't a huge amount (£5) and it's a big institution, not a sole-trader shop or anything like that. I think if I go back now to pay they'll think I'm bonkers. But also I have never ever in my life shoplifted or walked out of somewhere forgetting to pay.

Please reassure me that this is quite "normal" - I'm 58, work in a very senior demanding job (hence working on a Saturday), but this has thrown me a wee bit.

Is this sort of memory lapse, distraction or vagueness par for the course?

I'm not on HRT - indeed, apart from what I look back now and see as deep panic about 4 years ago - the time my periods stopped - I've not had any bad effects of the menopause. I'm pretty unwrinkled for example, and only briefly had night sweats, but rarely had hot flushes etc. My hair is still very thick & long - all of those things seem fine.

Just this incident!

Argh - help!

PollyPerky Mon 13-Mar-17 17:55:51

Maybe you are over thinking it all a bit? smile
It's normal for both genders to become absent minded as we age. I forget why I walked upstairs for something all of the time (and have been on HRT for 8 years!)

Being more serious if you have lots of these episodes, and other things like it, you should talk to your dr about tests for dementia- sure it's not that but if it was, treatment early on can stop it.

terrylene Tue 14-Mar-17 13:22:27

It is normal if you have a lot on your mind. I have done it all my life. Your brain kicks out the stuff it thinks is unnecessary so it can get on with the important things.

My DH does it now. He copes by writing stuff down in lists and on spreadsheets and diaries, so he can come back to it when he has done the other stuff.

CustardShoes Tue 14-Mar-17 14:41:12

Thanks all. I feel a bit better about it - it gave me a shock.

I have no memory of paying & my job is about remembering things (or conceptualising them, anyway) so I suspect I just didn't pay ... I can see why there used to be that stereotyped 'woman of a certain age' shoplifter.

terrylene Tue 14-Mar-17 15:04:20

The trouble is, one could easily done it before, but how would one know if one can't remember grin

Unfortunately, the 'shoplifter of a certain age' stereotype is still an easy target. sad

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