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Perimenopause - can I ask some questions?

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sighbynight Tue 13-Dec-16 22:17:32

I'm 45, four children aged 16-6, fit and healthy and I'm feeling perimenopause starting to really take hold. I know that I'm not unwell, that is is a natural life change but I wondered if I could just bounce what is happening off you and see if it is all par for the course. I'm trying so hard not to feel sorry for myself.

Periods have started to change to three weekly. So heavy that I have flooded out two pair of jeans and a dressing gown today. (Almost 100ml a day with a Mooncup but only two days at that flow). Normal or not normal?

Insomnia - lying awake until 1am unable to switch my brain off. With no major problems and no caffeine since lunch.

Anxiety - my anxiety response to anything stressful is massively exaggerated.

Boobs - always sore!

Also, eczema running wild, joint and tendon problems refusing to heal, possible minor prolapse, I feel like I am losing control of my body and very quickly. And just typing that makes me want to cry (see self pity comment above).

I don't even know know what response I want from this post. I just feel a bit isolated and want a hand hold, I suppose. And then a slap across the chops and told to get on with it. I do have a history of post-menopause heart disease with my mum though.

Anyway. Any thoughts welcome.

PollyPerky Wed 14-Dec-16 08:42:51


Don't mean that to sound like a flippant reply but in all honesty it' s your best set for all the symptoms. At 45 you are on the young side (just) - I had no peri symptoms till I was well into my early 50s.

I don't think that sort of blood loss is excessive but could be wrong.

An ideal type of HRT would be the Mirena coil which would sort out the heavy bleeding with estrogen separately.

The earlier the menopause is, the higher the risk of heart disease, so HRT would be helpful for you as estrogen protects.

And if you don't do it already, a really healthy lifestyle- daily exercise, cut out crap foods (sugar, refined carbs, booze) eat more fruit and veg etc- can help.

Go and see your GP.

sighbynight Wed 14-Dec-16 10:04:04

I did use a Mirena for contraception in the past. It gave me a bit of depressive brain fog, but certainly no bleeding. And I'm pretty good on the healthy lifestyle. I'm sure I could be better though.
The heart disease thing I really ought to speak to a doctor about though. I know. I hate going to the doctor. Haven't been in 4 years.

yeOldeTrout Sat 17-Dec-16 09:29:46

Things you can do that might help at least a little, don't involve seeing doctor:
Do you get regular exercise, ideally aerobic exercise?
Healthy diet, no more than modest drinking, no smoking, healthy weight?

Are you taking any iron supplements? With that heavy flow you might need them.

80sWaistcoat Sat 17-Dec-16 10:01:10

HRT massively halped with the insomnia and panic/anxiety. Much more like my old self. I started on HRT at 45. Have a look at menopause matters website. It's all symptoms of falling oestrogen.

Also take Agnus castus for The Rage.

nong45 Sat 17-Dec-16 18:33:51

I'm 45, very similar symptoms as you getting worse since my early 40s. Plus night sweats, brain fog, memory problems, insomnia & tiredness, all fairly low-key but constant and feeling like no real quality of life any more. I got Mirena 2 years ago which helped to begin with and sorted out the heavy periods but symptoms started creeping back and my GP has just prescribed me low dose estrogen patches which are v easy to use and don't budge. Early days but I'm hoping I'll start feeling a bit more like my old self again soon. I also got a Fitbit 6 months ago and try to get as near to 10k steps a day as I can which has def made me feel fitter and stronger without having to go to a gym or purposely do some kind of exercise. I don't think you have to be 'officially'going through the menopause to consider HRT, when you're in your 40 s things are naturally starting to change, it's normal, and I took the view that I would try anything to make myself feel (and sleep) normal again.

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