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Will HRT help my hip/back pain?

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mypinkmonkey Fri 02-Sep-16 11:56:19

I am post menopausal - last period was July 2014 although I had a bleed in November 2015 which was checked out. I have usual symptoms - hot flushes, fatigue, mild insomnia but nothing too bad.
But since July 2015 I have had very bad pain in my left hip and on waking my back is so stiff and uncomfortable. I have had an MRI which showed usual wear and tear in woman of my age (I'm 51) and a slight bulging disc. I had steroid injections which made no difference at all. I still exercise albeit at a lower level than before and do regular stretching and exercises for my back but it just doesn't improve.
So I am wondering if HRT will help as may be its lack of oestrogen causing the problem. Weirdly, when I had the bleed last year my back pain disappeared for that month.
Anyone suffered anything similar or have any suggestions? TIA

PollyPerky Fri 02-Sep-16 16:13:04

joint pain is on the NICE list of meno symptoms as a sign of menopause.


see point 1.3.2

You can only suck it and see - worth trying.

mypinkmonkey Fri 02-Sep-16 16:39:58

ok thank you I will have look at the link.

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