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Peri menopausal pain

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Foofoobum Sun 22-May-16 00:33:15

I'm 40 and my cycles are reasonably regular (in that I bleed once a month not in length) but they're very painful. I've been checked out physically and they've found nothing. I had been hoping to ttc no2 as all the women in my family have gone on to have kinds into their mid40s with menopause in late 50s. I have excruciating periods but I also have pain when I ovulate (had this when I was younger sometimes too) but now I get af style cramping from 5dpo until I bleed. Sometimes with spotting, sometimes without. I also get a luteal phase ibs type pain but rarely do I get associated bowel movements.
I'm struggling to get any dr or gynae to listen to my concerns about this being hormonal and all they suggest is going on a contraceptive pill (pointless if ttc)
Are there any other ways of dealing with peri menopausal pains without taking contraception or cocodamol all the time? I'm at my wits end and convinced I'll never conceive if I have this pain.

PollyPerky Sun 22-May-16 09:37:49

You need to insist on a referral to a gynae who will listen to you.

Foofoobum Sun 22-May-16 15:27:43

I don't think such a gynae exists sad I've seen two. First was awful and didn't follow protocol. Second was lovely but said contraception was my only option or getting pregnant. Obviously latter isn't happening and probably won't as long as this pain. A different gynae (not my own) performed a laperoscopy and then proceeded to discharge me. I'm waiting to hear from my own gynae to see if I can get another appointment or have to go thro referral again which was a fight in itself.

I get the feeling women's issues like this aren't taken seriously at all - expecting us to put up and shut up.

I'm saving up to go private now but it's mainly the same dr's I've already seen so not sure what that will do for me.

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