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Waiting to start patches ...

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GrumpyOldBag Thu 19-May-16 20:02:36

Perimenopausal, regular periods. Finally decided to try HRT, got doctor to prescribe patches a month ago.

Doctor's advice was to start them on the first day of my period.

Well it hasn't come, and is now 10 days late.

So what do I do???? Keep waiting ... what if it never comes!

Anyone else had this?

PassiveAgressiveQueen Fri 20-May-16 10:13:40

Can you go back to your docs?

GrumpyOldBag Fri 20-May-16 18:00:54

Yes, I can, but just wondered if anyone else had any relevant experience before I go through the palaver...

GrumpyOldBag Fri 20-May-16 18:01:36

In case I wasn't clear in my first post - I haven't started using the patches yet because period hasn't arrived!

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