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Premature Ovarian Failure?

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ihearttc Sat 09-Apr-16 09:50:46

Never thought Id be posting in this topic so soon but here goes...

Im 39 and have 2 DS's (one is 11 and the other is 5). I also have 2 auto immune diseases's Rheumatoid Arthritis and Pernicious Anaemia. Periods have always been as regular as clockwork...I have only been late 3 times in my life when I have been pregnant.

I had a period at the beginning of January and it was completely normal. I had my regular 3 yearly smear test 2 weeks later and I haven't had a period since (smear was fine incidentally). Called my Rheumatology Nurse yesterday and she seems to think its potentially POF. I assume I will need tests to determine if thats the case?

I had a bone scan done about 9 months ago because they saw a broken rib that I didn't know I had when I had an X-ray to start treatment for the RA. My mum also has osteoporosis. My bone density was lower than expected for a woman of my age but still within normal range.

I know Im incredibly lucky to have 2 gorgeous boys but I feel completely bereft. Physically I feel better than I have done in years thanks to the treatment that Im on for RA actually working and Im loathe to start yet more medication which will no doubt cause me to feel ill again. It took ages to find some RA medication that I could actually take without it affecting me badly.

Any experiences anyone? Incidentally my mum had me at 40 (in the 1970's!) and was still having periods of some description when I was 10 so I assume she didn't have early menopause and this is all linked to my auto immune conditions?

PollyPerky Sat 09-Apr-16 12:07:11

Missing one or two periods does not necessarily show POI- the nurse seems to be jumping the gun a bit there!

Parkinsons is a risk factor for POI but never heard of RA having the same risks.

Ask for a referral to a gynae for tests and also read all the info on the Daisy Network website for women with POI. They have a forum but you have to join and be a member.

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