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changed HRT 3 months ago and....

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Caught11 Wed 01-Jul-15 17:04:03

Was quiet happy on prempak-C for 4 years, doc suggested I try femostan-conti 1mg/5mgs, as still having periods at 55. Felling very bloated and have put on a lot of weight, no change of diet /exercise routine.
Anyone else in the same situation ? or had experience of this ?

pinkfrocks Wed 01-Jul-15 17:31:23

The conti types include a daily progestogen. This can make some people feel bloated though there is no research that shows HRt actually makes women gain weight. often menopause coincides with weight gain because our metabolism slow down too.

I don't understand why you are on continuous HRT ( both hormones daily) if you still have periods. Conti HRT is for women post-menopause who have not had a period for 12 months.

Bellaciao Mon 06-Jul-15 10:30:17

PrempakC is a sequential HRT so the periods that you have been having are not true periods as such - ie they are withdrawal bleeds due to the HRT. When women start sequential HRT during peri-menopause, at age 54 docs can trial a woman on conti HRT because a large proportion of women will be post-menopausal by this age. This will be why the doc gave you Femoston conti. The two types are not strictly comparable although I would say that probably the Femoston is weaker then Prempak. Unofrtunately there is no higher dose Femoston conti HRT.

As pinkfrocks says many women do suffer from continuous low level side effects from continuous progestogen and decide to remain on sequential HRT ( which means continuing with a withdrawal bleed) well into post - menopause (like myself age 62).

Depending on how long since you started this new HRT, try it for 3 months and if the feelings don't settle perhaps ask to go onto the sequi version ie Femoston 1/10 or 2/10 - has the advantage of two strengths.

Femoston is the closest combi HRT in tablet form to our own hormones - the oestrogen is bio-identical ( estradiol and the progestogen is very similar to porgesterone - so will be better for you on the long term than the horse oestrogens).

Hope this helps.

Caught11 Tue 07-Jul-15 18:34:48

thanks for the replys, Bellaciao, you explained things very well and are very clued up on the HRT, I will go back to the docs as I did feel great on the prempackc the only reasons I wanted to change was the bleed part ....but I would rather feel better, again many thanks for taking the time to explain

HappenstanceMarmite Thu 30-Jul-15 21:17:08

I too have just been put onto a conti HRT, having been on Prempak C for years (now aged 54). A little bit concerned about the side effects so will see how it goes.

One thing I never understood though - when I am told I only have an artificial period with sequencial me, it feels exactly like periods always did! Heavy and painful leaving me wiped out.

Caught11 Mon 03-Aug-15 12:26:48

Yes I felt exactly the same Happens, same as when it was a normal period !
Got a doctors appointment tomorrow so hopefully get things sorted

pinkfrocks Mon 03-Aug-15 14:06:18

Caught I don't think you will find any answers at the drs (sadly) I've been on sequi HRT for some years and my periods are heavier and more painful than when I was pre-menopause. I have regular check ups and scans, so I know all is ok(or was last time!) so I'd say it's just one of the things you have to put up with unless you are able to go onto conti HRT.

Caught11 Mon 03-Aug-15 17:44:59

thanks pinfrocks, don't expect any answers at the docs, think the problem is my GP doesn't know enough about HRT......not that I know that much myself.
What I have worked out is that being on a lower dose HRT just doesn't work for me.
Will let you know how I get on

Caught11 Tue 04-Aug-15 12:34:59

so went to the docs today, and he has given me Elleste Duet Conti, don't think he had much of a clue! Anyway will give it a try, as he says its a stronger dose than the Fermostan.

pinkfrocks Tue 04-Aug-15 13:07:10

I don't understand this at all!
In your first post you said you were still having periods. Conit HRT is mainly for women who are 12 months without a natural period, or over age 54, though if you are 55 and having natural periods when you ought to be on sequential HRT as you may get a lot of breakthrough bleeding on conti.

Have a look at the menopause matters website- menu for HRT and types of peri and post meno- and all the blurb about each sort.

pinkfrocks Tue 04-Aug-15 13:11:31

Why did you want a change of type anyway?

If it was to avoid a bleed / period then yes, you would need conti. But were your bleeds due to sequential HRT or were the natural periods? I suspect after 4years you don't know and they are withdrawal bleeds not periods.

If you want to avoid weight gain and feeling bloated then you need a sort that is sequential so you don't take progestogens daily ( as in conti) as this is what can cause bloating.

HappenstanceMarmite Tue 04-Aug-15 23:22:42

Let us know how it goes Caught11

Caught11 Wed 05-Aug-15 11:18:15

Happens I will let you know how it goes

HappenstanceMarmite Fri 14-Aug-15 09:55:15

How's it going Caught11?

I tried Kliovance conti for two weeks and hated the low level PMS symptoms and continuous bleeding. I started a thread here and at MM. Very helpful pinkfrocks was on my thread, thanks pink :-)

So I chose to ditch the conti and go back to sequi Prempak C for now. Will review and look at other sequi after my hols. But was wondering how your were doing on your new HRT?

HappenstanceMarmite Fri 14-Aug-15 09:58:47

Meant to add link to my thread From sequi to conti woes

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