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early(ish) menopause???

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plasticinemachine Sun 31-May-15 14:29:13

I'm 42 and have been having a few symptons since age 36, but tbh it wasn't bad enough for me to bother going to the doctors. However things have got suddenly really bad and I just had this lightbulb moment where I wondered if I was perhaps menopausal.
Syptoms I'm having (may not all be related): periods every 3 weeks instead if every 4 as before. Seriously heavy period last few times that I literally woke up and had drenched the bed in blood. That has never happened before! It had gone through pretty thick padding too. But then this most recent period is so light, just a few spots. I'm also getting really bad spots on face, like the kind I used to get as a teenager! I am so moody its untrue. Normally Im a very laid back person but seriously if someone even looks at me the wrong way at the moment.......! I have zero sex drive. Zero. It's depressing. I feel about 90. Every bone in my body aches, I was wondering if it was arthritis and was considering going to the doctor but now I'm wondering if its all connected?
Does this sound like menopause? Are there any natural supplements or vitamins which could help?

pinkfrocks Sun 31-May-15 16:58:31

It does sound like it- sorry.

Please go to your GP and don't be fobbed off because premature menopause is potentially dangerous due to years without the right levels of oestrogen.

Some women find herbal supplements etc help with their symptoms but a dr would actually be negligent not to treat you with HRT at 42 if you were menopausal. There is aa lot about this online- have a google.

The Daisy Network- online- is a really good source of information.

plasticinemachine Sun 31-May-15 19:40:45

Thankssmile Is there any reason why Id be having this so early? I started my periods quite late at 14. No family member has gone through it early. Just wondered if there was anything Ive done to bring it on early or medically if theres a reason?

ragged Sun 31-May-15 19:45:36

It doesn't sound like your periods are stopped, so you've not hit menopause at all. Perimenopause maybe, although I'm not sure all cycle changes at this age should be labeled as perimenopause, either. I'll be interested what the doc says.

Jerseyknit Sun 31-May-15 19:48:24

I'm going through something similar. I feel like a different person. I'm planning on seeing the doctor next week. I really don't know enough about hrt or have confidence in the gp to know enough. I'm off to google. Probably not the best idea. smile

pinkfrocks Sun 31-May-15 20:06:53

OP No, there is no reason. Menopause is the date of your last period and you won't know it was your last until at least 12 months have passed. So you are not menopausal yet- but in peri from the sounds of it. This can last for several years and if you had periods up to 45-46 then that would be regarded as 'normal' though on the early side of normal.

BUT (big but!) do see your dr because flooding, lack of energy and all the other symptoms you describe could have other causes ( eg thyroid malfunction) so you need blood tests and also you could be anaemic if you are losing a lot of blood each month(which would also explain the fatigue).

plasticinemachine Sun 31-May-15 20:53:49

Ok, I can't believe I know nothing about this! So could be perimenopause, which I'm assuming is the bit before menopause...........blimey, don't like the thought of feeling like this for years to come! I will go to the doctor anyway and see what they say (if I can get an appointment!!!!!), I haven't seen a doctor for years so maybe I'm due a check-up! Will call up tomorrow & come back on here when I've had the appointment.

plasticinemachine Sun 31-May-15 20:55:44

Jerseryknit, I haven't dared google my symptoms!!! I try not to google medical stuff:D

Bellaciao Mon 01-Jun-15 21:02:52

plasticinemachine - to add to what pinkfrocks said - if your periods are still fairly regular but coming closer together - this is often what happens before the peri-menopausal transition (which is technically when cycles start to vary quite a lot in length), but at this stage (you are in) hormonal changes have already begun and heavy bleeding is common. I agree you should go along to the doc but if your cycles are under 4 weeks then you won't need HRT yet, so you aren't yet in early menopause. However the length of all these stage varies with different women, so it could mean you may still go through early menopause eg before 45 - but possibly not. Either way it is preferable to take HRT up to the natural average age of menopause of 51-52. Lots of info on diagnosis etc of menopause on Menopause Matters website as well as and NHS website.
Libido is influenced by testosterone levels which fall with age rather tham menopause and I suspect the rate this happens varies too as my libido was still high at your age!
As for supplements - well you will be doing yourself a favour to make sure your diet is really healthy - cooking using fresh ingredients and few processed ro refined foods, low sugar etc, lots of ftuit and veg - sure you know this. Cut down alcohol, smoking, keep within healthy weight, lots of exercise, reduce stress......

MyCatIsAGit Tue 02-Jun-15 15:41:53

Don't feel too bad about not knowing - I'd never heard of peri menopause till a very patient GP explained it to me. About the same age as you - probably earlier when I started getting very similar symptons to you.

For me, in my circumstances, HRT was fabulous, I feel like me again. Also I was very anaemic and needed iron due to blood loss over the years. The 'flooding' where the bed was soaked through can actually happen due to low iron levels.

Some women go for years with flooding and not leaving the house due to worries about it happening when they are out - chances are there is something your doctor can do.

Good luck going to the GP and not being fobbed off. I had to go back a couple of times because I don't appear to be good at getting on with progesterone, but I'd have never twigged that without going on line and doing some research (on reputable sites) and then talking through other HRT options with doctor.

Menopause matters is a good website too.

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