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Hysterectomy and menopause

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jen127 Wed 23-Jan-13 14:35:42

I've just been told my Gynae that i should have a hysterectomy. I am 43 and someone said this will definitely bring on the menopause.
I would say that I am peri menopausal at the moment. I have night sweats, insomnia, horrendous Pmt and terruble cramps and back ache and flooding.
What does the menopuase bring ?

jen127 Thu 24-Jan-13 12:03:44

I guess I would like to make an informed decision and I don't feel fully informed. Like I said I was caught on the hop yesterday as it was unexpected.
I think I have to call him and discuss this further.
I have done nothing with regards to exploring the menopause and its symptoms as I thought I had years yet ! :-)

Missbopeep Thu 24-Jan-13 12:03:45

I am sure that 2 operations are quite possible- but if this is NHS they will be trying to save the money.

I can see that logically it is the solution- whip everything out and viola! problem solved. But is it- or are you swopping one problem for another?

Are you NHS or private? If you are private and want a 2nd opinion I can recommend a lovely eminent gynae who I see in London/SW.

jen127 Thu 24-Jan-13 13:55:12

I am in Ireland and private - so I can go back again. the Doctor I am with is highly recommended in his field.
I agree am I swapping one issue for another. At least I know what I have at the moment.

digerd Thu 24-Jan-13 15:04:43

I smiled at your last sentence. As I have become older and with many experiences - I have learned that " The devil you know is better than the one you don't", in circumstances where the outcome is uncertain. And is often better, if possible to try a sample before going the whole hog that can't be reversed. .

I think the Hysterectomy first and then see how it goes sounds practical.
You can always have the ovaries out later - but does mean 2 ops instead of 1.
I had 2 cancer InSitu ops while on the Pill, but it was never attributed to the Pill. And I've been on HRT for 18 years and last breast cancer screening last year was fine, and the others haven't returned.
Good luck with your decision.

carolinefromhackney Thu 31-Jan-13 13:25:09

I have just started voluntary work at the Hysterectomy Association which is a non profit making organisation for women facing a hysterectomy, supporting choice through information. The website has lots of useful advice and up to date inforamtion and a free downloadable fact sheet. Do take a look

Good luck Caroline

Chihuahuas Thu 14-Feb-13 17:34:40

hello, i had a total hyst an both ovaries removed for pmdd. I dont consider it to be barbaric, extreme yes but thats what pmdd is a very extreme and severe form of pms. I had only a week per month of where i wasnt battling suicide, self harming or headbutting a wall to rid myself of the overwhelming feelings.

Have you been offered ovarian suppression at all, this is to give you a dummy run of how you would handle menopause. you could choise to have add back hrt (usually both oestrogen and progesterone and if you react to progesterone you could try oestrogen only for a short while).

The reason that ovaries and womb are removed for pmdd is that progesterne is normally the cause and your ovaries produce progesterone. If you had only your womb removed and took hrt then you would still need to take progesterone to protect it from developing cancer.

Oestrogen post surgical menopause ia rather crucial as it protects against oesteo, alziemers, cardiac issues, early death, congnetive decline to name a few. If you have a history of ca in your family you would stil be able to take oestrogen only hrt, but in patches or gel..oestrogen replacement has not been associated with breast cancer if it taken up to the usual age of menopause which is around 52.

I know of ladies who have also taken oestrogen after recovering from breast cancer as well as endo.

Who is your consultant? is he one that specialises in menopause and pms?


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