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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.


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2shoes Wed 03-Jun-09 10:08:02

as It always takes so long to get a date for a piss meet up
shall we start now?

Tortington Wed 03-Jun-09 23:03:22

why not

PestoMonster Thu 04-Jun-09 09:28:17

Good idea


MABS Thu 04-Jun-09 09:47:16

when does anyone suggest? my diary pretty mental i afraid tho.

2shoes Thu 04-Jun-09 11:00:50

end of june or bigining of July I can do
June 20th or July 4th
I vn do others if we meet later(I pick dd up but could get there about 4)

MABS Thu 04-Jun-09 16:15:05

am in sardinia 1- 10 july i afraid

2shoes Thu 04-Jun-09 17:19:22

how terrible for you
june 20th?

psychomum5 Thu 04-Jun-09 17:21:53

<<sneeks in>>

I am in brighton that weekend with my friend for her 40th.

will have to come and hunt you down say hello

2shoes Thu 04-Jun-09 17:22:29

oh plese do (if we do it that date)

psychomum5 Thu 04-Jun-09 17:26:09

really, you'll let me??


MABS Thu 04-Jun-09 18:09:43

i can do 20 June, but not til 2.30 x

2shoes Fri 05-Jun-09 10:05:08

thats ok with me

PestoMonster Fri 05-Jun-09 10:44:25

I should be able to make it too smile

mumoverseas Fri 05-Jun-09 11:36:28

can a Crawley mum gatecrash or is that too common? wink Normally in the Middle East but fly back next Wednesday for 3 months

MABS Fri 05-Jun-09 15:13:36

marvellous Mumoverseas..particularly as i am contemplating a move out that way

mumoverseas Fri 05-Jun-09 15:40:15

oooh, Mabs, where are you thinking of moving to so I can give you some useful information/talk you out of it wink

2shoes Fri 05-Jun-09 19:04:04

mumoverseas would be lovely to meet you, we chatted on the "support" thread the other day

mumoverseas Sat 06-Jun-09 09:45:50

Hi 2shoes, would be lovely to meet you. You and the other girls on that thread have been such a huge support to me at the moment and have been keeping me sane. Just.

Would be lovely to meet up with other localish mums. Have been away from the UK so long now I've lost touch with so many of my old friends and in any event, most are the mums of DCs 1 & 2's friends.

Mamazon Sat 06-Jun-09 16:03:02

mumoverseas - im in crawley too!

i can make the 20th. the children are with their dad and Dp is off on a stag weekend so i shall be free to get as drunk as i like.
whoo hooo

Psycho - oh do please come say hello, will be lovely to meet you again.

Mabs - whilst it would be lovely if you were closer i can assure you you do not want to move to Crawley!!

mumoverseas Sat 06-Jun-09 18:09:20

ooh Mamazon, where in Crawley are you? I'm in MB. Do you have little one's and if so, any advice on toddler groups etc? Think I'm going to go mad 13 weeks at home with no nursery!
I'd assumed Mabs was thinking of a move to the ME not Crawley but you may be right.

Just realised, may not have any childcare unless I pick up DD1 aged 13 up from boarding school and use her wink I need to get drunk, its been too long!

Mamazon Sat 06-Jun-09 18:28:53

ahhh yes that would make a lot more sense. d'oh. blush

Mine are 4&8 so not quite toddler group ages. Im the other side of crawley in BF (or at least i will be in a week or so when i finally finish moving)

mumoverseas Sat 06-Jun-09 19:00:11

Mamazon, would you be getting the train down to Brighton? Where do you normally all meet up?

psychomum5 Sat 06-Jun-09 19:01:13


2shoes Sat 06-Jun-09 21:13:24

i meet mamazon outside boots so she doesn't get lost...

but where shall we go??

MABS Sun 07-Jun-09 10:31:18

yep,i meant middle east ,not crawley ;) poss abu dhabi

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