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Anyone in Gloucester area?

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tvaerialmagpiebin Thu 30-Apr-09 17:31:44

I am feeling brave today and want to get out and meet some new people, are there any MN ladies in the Gloucester area who would like to meet up?

Littlefish Thu 30-Apr-09 17:59:21

There is a meet up on 8th May near Worcester (in the evening) - is this too far from you? At least one person comes from near Cheltenham.

It would be lovely to see you. Come and find us on the meet up thread.

I'm a soprano btw.

tvaerialmagpiebin Thu 30-Apr-09 18:27:24

oh thank you! saw Worcester but thought it might be a bit far. Will have a think. Thanks for replying though

Littlefish Thu 30-Apr-09 18:57:34

We meet at a pub just off junction 7 of the M5, so it wouldn't be too bad a journey from Gloucester.

Monkeyandbooba Thu 30-Apr-09 19:00:57

I'm moving up to Churchdown at the end of May so desperate to meet new people Got a DD (3) and DS (6mths)

tvaerialmagpiebin Thu 30-Apr-09 20:14:29

Hello! Where are you moving from?
My ds is 2.7 and it's just me and him.

tryingtocookacurry Fri 01-May-09 16:47:09

Monkeyandbooba, do you know Churchdown? My dd will be starting school there in September.

Monkeyandbooba Fri 01-May-09 21:48:36

No we are moving up from Wiltshire so all very new to me

tryingtocookacurry Sat 02-May-09 17:07:08

are you forces then?

Monkeyandbooba Sat 02-May-09 22:07:06

No we are not just a normal change of job after DH was under threat of redundancy. I was a student at what is now the University of Glos about 14 years ago so I do sort of know the area Very apprehensive though about moving somewhere I know no-one!

Littlefish Sun 03-May-09 07:30:01

Monkey - I went there about 14 years ago too. B-Ed course for me! I wonder if we ever met smile.

Monkeyandbooba Sun 03-May-09 15:33:24

Wow small world, maybe we passed in some terrible nightclub (Gas!!??) or would that have been just me then ;) Mondos springs to mind too! I graduated in '99, started in '95. I love this part of the world so be nice to go back but I am apprehensive too as I am leaving behind a solid support network of good friends and family

Littlefish Sun 03-May-09 16:48:15

I hated Gas - only went there a couple of times. I tended to go to Enigma during the week and the Prom Club at weekend.

Littlefish Sun 03-May-09 17:14:59

Sorry - that sounded really rude, saying I hated Gas. What I meant is that I was a few years older than the other students, and Gas always seemed full of young, very trendy students. Prom Club was more my age group - plus the town Rugby Team drank there grin

Monkeyandbooba Sun 03-May-09 17:48:10

Ah I remember Enigma too but not the Prom Club? Somehow I think my needs for entertainment will have changed in the passing years i.e. is there soft play and where is a good playground!

tryingtocookacurry Mon 04-May-09 08:24:15

There is a soft play area in the ten pin bowling place on the way to Barnwood up the bypass.
There are lovely parks in Churchdown - one in the churchdown council park area and one behind Craven Drive.
Two nice schools - Prton Manor and Churchdown Village and two senior schools in Churchdown too.

Monkeyandbooba Mon 04-May-09 20:31:54

What about playgroups/toddler groups?

swissmiss Tue 05-May-09 15:39:04

Another one from Gloucester here. Sorry, I don't know any playgroups/toddler groups around Churchdown as I'm on the south side of town.

I'd be quite happy to meet up at the soft play @ Barnwood tenpin bowling so the kids can play. I've got 3 - DS is 4, DD1 is 3 and DD2 is 7mths.

PatTheHammer Thu 07-May-09 15:57:55

Might be too late for this one but I live in Stonehouse, not too far from Gloucester. DH was bought up in Cheltenham and was PHSL when I mentioned that Gas and Enigma were being discussed on a thread smile.
Monkey are you moving to the new development in Churchdown, it looks very nice!
I will keep my eyes peeled for a Barnwood meet-up as that is just up the motorway for me and we have never been to that particular soft-play (done the bowling a fair bit pre-children!). Have a DD (nearly 3) and a DS of 4mths.

SazzlesA Thu 07-May-09 16:07:08

Message withdrawn

PatTheHammer Thu 07-May-09 16:32:35

I wasn't entirely aware there was one either Sazzles, but I know now! must have built it after the old mega-bowl burnt down maybe?

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 07-May-09 16:39:19

Lol at the Prom Club in Cheltenham being talked about on MN. I live in Gloucester, lived in Cheltenham and used to go there when the queue for Subtone was too long. It's where all the old pervs go, and the young girls go to have thier drinks bought them!

I moved up to the area nearly 3 years ago, it's a lovely part of the world and I love living here, but it has been a nightmare making friends, I work full time, dd is in senior school so I never meet any mums and it's so difficult making friends when you're an adult and everyone seems to have their circle of friends established. So would love to go on any Cheltenham/Gloucester meet ups.

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 07-May-09 16:41:09

FWIW the soft play in Barnwood is good, not as grotty as some of them can be. Apparently there is an excellent softplay in Cirencester as well, I will ask my SIL (she has a 4 and 6 year old so knows a lot about softplays!).

Monkeyandbooba Thu 07-May-09 16:48:58

There is apparently a great soft play in Stroud (GoBananas?), happy to meet in Barnwood though as will be very close to me I'm moving to Churchdown Village (older part).

Hoping to have a move date by the end of the week, very apprehensive now!

PatTheHammer Thu 07-May-09 16:49:58

GetOrfMoiLand The soft-play in Cirencester is called Magicland and its fantastic! DD is having her 3rd birthday there in a few weeks.

I loved Subtone! Never ventured to the Prom Club but DH also laughed when I mentioned that one!

Which secondary school does your DD go to? Just being nosey as I am a secondary teacher, tell me to feck off if you like! smile

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