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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.


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CherryEm Tue 08-Mar-05 16:03:14

Hi im hoping to start some chat and meet-ups for younger mums who are a bit overwhelmed with mumhood or who have learnt how to juggle baby with just starting out in life. DD was unplanned but thankfully totally wanted and its been tough. finding it hard to get out there and meet people since my childless friends abandoned me. Think we could start a fab support network!

flic23 Tue 08-Mar-05 16:04:50

hi know what u mean about losing friends if your the first to have any kids can be so hard

Prettybird Tue 08-Mar-05 16:31:35

I'm definitely not a younger mum, but clicked on here to see whereabouts you were from, as I'm in Glasgow.

It might help if you say roughly where you are - and also how old you and your dd are.

Some of the other Scots are "younger" and I'm sure will be in touch.

but we're all friendly, no matter what our age !

CherryEm Tue 08-Mar-05 16:50:56

hey i'm 20 with an 8m DD. didnt mention my whereabouts as ive good access to transport. im in ek near glasgow. wasnt ruling out older mums but just felt wed relate better. maybe u good benefit us with your experience.

Prettybird Tue 08-Mar-05 17:08:46

I'm 43 with a 4.5 year old ds - so much older than you!

But Aimsmum is only 27 (just!) and has a 4.5 year old dd - and is also in Glasgow.

We had a meet-up recently - but the West of Scotland mums seem to be a bit shy! We're thinking of anthoer one at a soft play area, either St Enochs or in Shawlands.

There have also been some meet-ups in Stirling at the macRobert centre. have a look and see when the next oneis. I think there is quite a good age range of mums who go along.

Welcome anyway!

Aimsmum Tue 08-Mar-05 19:03:59

Message withdrawn

CherryEm Tue 08-Mar-05 21:44:10

Hi. Hows everyone. I was also had uni. had to take a year out when my dad died and then DD gave me a surprise and i had to have another year. lots of hurdles but im going back soon. May have to do open university. Was at the Stirling meet up. didnt seem to relate to the ladies - although they were all lovely. im too shy at the minute cos i dont have much to talk about as i dont really work or socialise at the minute. Also most had more than one baby so were a dab hand, was a bit overwhelmed. Im just silly i know.

Aimsmum Wed 09-Mar-05 14:21:49

Message withdrawn

flic23 Wed 09-Mar-05 16:06:08

hi was on briefly yesterday im 24 way out on the west coast 25 miles from fortwilliam. Sympathise with those who find it hard to socialise with other mums. I still see old friends but less often and i feel like i have nothing to talk about but babies. Also all the other mums at play group are an average of 10 years older than me.I'm not ageist in any way but its a small area and these are people i have always known but we werent in the same social circle for various reasons and i am suddenly expected to have heaps in common and be their mates just coz i have a baby. It just doesnt work with me never been any good with small talk. All in all bloddy isolateing

tegansmummy Wed 09-Mar-05 20:14:56

flic23. know how you feel being isolated. i live 6 miles up a single track road from a small village with only about 800 people in it, who all know one another but i dont know many of them.
been to fort william a few times. for scottish motorbike trials and used to drive for white arrow and other companies.
me 25 , 6month dd and married.
all i seem to do it baby baby baby

CherryEm Thu 10-Mar-05 10:45:08

Hey. Thanks for responding. Feel i can relate much better. good knowing your not on your own. I'm getting married on 1st July. Cant wait. Just tried on my dress. it hides a multitude of sins and baby carrying leftovers! why cant we wear things like that every day! i totally sympathise with not relating to older mums than you at play groups etc. Its not against any of them its more that, i still feel like a bit of a child with them. Small talk consists of "So what are u doing at uni and stuff - like your auntys used to come round and ask how your getting on at school. plus people older than i am are usually on the career path but im just starting out and still really have no clue how the world works to be honest! At the same point I dont have much in common with the poor teenage girls who got caught out as my head was screwed on by the time i got pregnant and i luckily had good support and guidance.

flic23 Thu 10-Mar-05 11:48:03

hi there,
agree with feeling like a kid compared to the others. I had just come out of uni when i got pregnant (gap year that got hijacked)so i went from lots of socialising to being the mum of the group. Hard when everyone is of to a party you know will be really good but i just can't face lack of sleep,hangover and a 13 month old charging around. Having said that i wouldnt swap being a mum for the world. Kinda bored at the mo as i havent even been to playgroup as there is mumps in the area and DS has not had MMR yet. Congats on ur wedding im sure it will b great im engaged but having to wait as DP is having most amicable and slow divorce in history.
Nice to ow that someone else lives with the joy of single track roads. My village has about 350 at least i live in the centre so can walk anywhere i want really. Its fummy how u alsways find someone everywhere that goes to the 6 days. the hold one of the days down here one of the few moments of interest down here.

weesaidie Mon 14-Mar-05 10:21:13


I am 23 with 11 month old (unplanned surprise surprise!) dd. I am in Edinburgh and planning on starting Uni (again!) in October.

My friends have been very supportive but none have any kids so would be nice to chat to some people who do!

flic23 Mon 14-Mar-05 11:59:50

hi weesaidie. Im 24 in the western highlands. my DS is 14 months now.Well done on going back to uni. I finished uni the year before I had him but my degree is more or less useless where i live so will have to think of some other career when the time is right. My mates have been really good too (once they had got there heads around the fact i couldnt go out with 1 hours notice)but i sometimes feel they must get bored when all i have to talk about is babies and the soaps need someone else to hurry and have a baby so thy are in the dame boat as me

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