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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

There must be some Bristol mums here...

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maewest Fri 29-Dec-06 14:03:32

Or from surrounding area?

I am currently on maternity leave with my 5 month old DS and would like to meet up with other local mums.

bobalinga Sat 10-Feb-07 16:53:50

Yup. They have a cafe area and a ball pool/climbing thingy.

TheArmadillo Sat 10-Feb-07 18:07:29

castaways would be good for me (I have a energetic 2yo)

Thirtyplusafew Sun 11-Feb-07 16:16:52

Hi all. I'm from Yate & would love to meet up with some other mums in the area. Moved here from London a few yrs ago. I have a very active 2yo. I work part time but I'm free on Mon & Fri's. I have only felt like murdering my hubby with an axe on a few occasions , but apart from that I am quite sane!!

bobalinga Sun 11-Feb-07 17:36:43

Sounds like friday might be a good day. How about the one after half term, in the morning?
This friday C has several appointments (nothing like a all-day hospital extraveganza to make one feel like an axe-murderer). Half term could be a hideous nightmare!
Maybe Castaways down in Kingswood?
Any takers?
They have a cafe, play area and soft mats for DD to lie on.

bobalinga Sun 11-Feb-07 17:38:30

Course, if anyone wants to come and play that would be good too. Going nuts with boredom here.

maewest Sun 11-Feb-07 17:53:07

ooh, how exciting, haven't looked at this thread for ages and there are lots of messages (thanks to TheArmadillo and F@F for confirming my non axe murderer status). I'm in St George, so walkable to Kingswood easily.

Anyone want to suggest a date?

maewest Sun 11-Feb-07 17:54:41

Doh, just realised that bobalinga did suggest a date, just that DS is not school age so have no idea of terms etc...

TheArmadillo Sun 11-Feb-07 18:15:34

will that be the 2nd of MArch? That would be good for me. And castaways sounds good.

Flossam Sun 11-Feb-07 19:53:40

Is that the 1st fri of March? I should be able to make that too.

maewest Sun 11-Feb-07 20:23:32

Sounds like a few of us then - do we have a funny handshake ready ?

IntergalacticWalrus Sun 11-Feb-07 20:31:13

can I come too? DS1 loves castaways and they do nice cake.

Flossam Sun 11-Feb-07 20:35:30

mmm, cake..... I owe you a text IGW - I set about it earlier and never finished it! Once I get up off my arse off the puter I will text u!

IntergalacticWalrus Sun 11-Feb-07 20:38:46

Noi mworries.

I've been a slow texter too.

clairemow Sun 11-Feb-07 20:41:31

I'm in north-ish Bristol, can i maybe join in too? have DS1(2.9) and DS2 (5 months). I don't do axe-murdering either... often... . Haven't been to Castaways before - is there a website? not really sure where kingswood is??

PS - bit scared of meeting "real" MNers...

IntergalacticWalrus Sun 11-Feb-07 20:43:44

dont worry claire, I won't bite. and i can vouch that flossam is fab!

do you drive? kwood hgigh street is the A420 if that helps

Flossam Sun 11-Feb-07 20:45:31

here you are I tried to take DS last week but it was closed for refurb!! I can't help but think they might have meant a bit of a spring clean...

bobalinga Sun 11-Feb-07 20:45:34

Sounds like a date then! Wish it could be sooner.
I'll be the tall axe-murderer with the ginger child in a wheelchair. She's called Celyn. Ask questions about her, I don't mind. She can't move at all or see but she understands what is said and loves being around mobile kids.
And I'm looking forward to cake!
What time? I was thinking maybe 10ish?

clairemow Sun 11-Feb-07 20:46:04

thanks, yes, do drive, so I'll have a look on A-Z, or Titchikers' guide.

Bit silly to be scared of Real MNers... but writing on internet is kind of anonymous isn't it, and now some people'll know what we look like!!!

IntergalacticWalrus Sun 11-Feb-07 20:50:35

I'll be the chubby one with shoulder legnth hair and double buggy with blonde curly boy and baby.

I'll probably have my normal hang dog expression.

IntergalacticWalrus Sun 11-Feb-07 20:50:52

Oh yes, 10 sounds ok to me too.

bobalinga Sun 11-Feb-07 20:56:02

Don't be scared Clairemow. I bet it wont be as scary as walking into a toddler group alone! I remember my first one after DD was born. Sat on the carpet all alone cos no-one would talk to me. They just stared at C and whispered about what could be 'wrong' with her. I went home and cried and cried. The second toddler group I tried was more welcoming but seeing as C isn't really 'playdate' material,the mums were friendly but I didn't make any friends. Haven't been for ages as we now get respite care on a thursday morning and as its my time off I usuallypark myself in front of the TV or go for a child free walk or, real excitment here...., go to the supermarket!
Bit of a shame really as C loves seeing other kids. She goes to nursery at Claremont Special school but all the kids in her class are in wheelchairs and she likes watching kids run and play.

Flossam Sun 11-Feb-07 20:56:28

IGW you always put yourself down. Don't!

I'll be the harrassed looking one with a rather mischevious 2 yr old.

maewest Sun 11-Feb-07 21:00:28

That must be tough bobalinga, looking forward to meeting you and Celyn.

IntergalacticWalrus Sun 11-Feb-07 21:22:31

Bobalinga, you sound lovely. I'm looking forward to meeting you.

I hope Celyn doesn't mind being kissed. That's DS1s thing at the moment!

princesscarrie Mon 12-Feb-07 00:43:36

Can I come too? Is it 1st or 2nd March? Anyone have directions to Castaways? I have DD, 5 months. I'll be the one with the car-sized buggy lol

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