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Coffee at Tchibo, Dalston, Friday 14th May

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frogs Sun 09-May-04 21:45:54

Thought I'd start a separate thread in case anyone else wanted to come and was confused by the mention of last week's city lunch...

Several of us seem to have arranged to meet for a cup of coffee in Tchibo in Dalston shopping centre at 10am on Friday 14th May. Not the world's classiest venue, but living in Dalston you get to be grateful for small mercies.

I'm bringing 4month old dd2, aelita is bringing 4month old ds, hoxtonchick is bringing a 2yo ds (have I got that right?). Kid may possibly be coming too.

Anyone else?

hoxtonchick Sun 09-May-04 21:54:31

hello frogs, looking forward to it.

frogs Mon 10-May-04 18:15:52


Anyone else?

kid Tue 11-May-04 17:03:19

I *should* have the day off work, just waiting for my sister to agree! If can make it, it will be me and DS 2 and nephew 6 months. Will let you know as soon as poss. They do a great hot chocolate drink there and the kids can munch on a cake from the bakery!

ponygirl Tue 11-May-04 17:56:18

I used to live near there! This thread has made me quite nostaligic for my London life. I'll be with you in spirit! Have a lovely time. When I left (5 yrs ago), there was nowhere to have coffee, so things have obviously improved.

aelita Tue 11-May-04 18:58:37

Their coffee and cakes are pretty yummy, I have to admit. And I always seem to end up buying random things I never knew I needed,

frogs Tue 11-May-04 21:12:12

Oh yes, ponygirl, we're very chic now.

Dalston -- the new Notting Hill.

CountessDracula Tue 11-May-04 22:20:28

is Tchibo that place that is like the innovations catalogue? Where they have different stuff every week>?

frogs Wed 12-May-04 06:55:47

That's the one, CD. An odd concept really, a coffee shop with a section selling -- well, stuff. Except that unlike the Innovations catalogue they have useful things, and good quality. Their hot chocolate is nicer than Starbucks, too.

aelita Wed 12-May-04 11:23:17

I turned my nose up at Tchibo (specifically the one on Islington) for months, it seemed such a bizarre concept! Now it's an oasis in Dalston, and I'm hooked on both the coffee and my random purchases - sad, eh?

ponygirl Wed 12-May-04 11:26:47

Lol frogs! The month before we moved to Devon there was a shoot out (real guns!) at the dodgy nightclub on the corner of the Crossway junction (about a 60 second walk from our house), so I suppose the only way was up!

frogs Wed 12-May-04 11:56:42

Ah, well you see, we do chic and urban grittiness. Beats me, really, why anyone would want to live anywhere else.

Devon -- you mean fields, clean air, open space, good schools, no crime? Nah, don't get it.

ponygirl Wed 12-May-04 12:00:12

Yep, love those fields! Am coming up to Islington to see friends next weekend, can't wait for the smell and the roar of the traffic. There's carbon monoxide in my blood!

dinosaur Wed 12-May-04 12:04:19

I'd love to come and am actually off work this Friday, but unfortunately have to go and see DS1's teacher and the SENCO at his school at 9.30 a.m.

Hoxtonchick - one day we will meet!

p.s. DH and DS2 are regulars in Tchibo in Stratford...

kid Wed 12-May-04 21:50:56

Sorry, I won't be able to make it. I have someone from the council coming round on friday between 9:30 and 11am. I daren't change the appointment because I've been waiting for 3 weeks already!
If they are finished early I might be able to join you but I won't hold my breath, the council are not exactly punctual! Have a lovely time and I'll try and make the next meet up.

hoxtonchick Thu 13-May-04 09:08:30

I was thinking that too dinosaur . Looking forward to seeing everyone else.

aelita Fri 14-May-04 12:11:57

Thoroughly enjoyed it - look forward to the next one!

hoxtonchick Fri 14-May-04 13:59:13

sorry i had to rush off, but we both had a lovely time too. see you soon.

frogs Fri 14-May-04 14:45:51

Great to meet you both and your little ones, too!

For dino, kid and anyone else who wanted to make it but couldn't, we thought we'd meet again in two weeks, same time, same place, if that suits everyone?

kid Fri 14-May-04 17:03:26

I would love to come to the next one. I don't think I'll be working, maybe hoxtonchick can confirm this?!!!
If not, I'll check for myself later!

hoxtonchick Fri 14-May-04 17:25:22

kid, I'm not working so I think that means you aren't either. Love from your diary secretary .

kid Fri 14-May-04 19:25:03

well look at that, I have my very own PA!!!

hoxtonchick Fri 14-May-04 22:15:06

I think I need a bossy cow icon .

hoxtonchick Sun 23-May-04 21:24:49

Are we still on for this Friday?

aelita Sun 23-May-04 21:57:43

I'm not sure I can this time, work has become a nightmare after only 2 weeks back, and I'm under pressure to be in that day,
I'll certainly try to be there if I can.

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