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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Sutton Coldfield meet-up ( March)

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mez75 Fri 27-Feb-04 11:27:33

Right then are we still up for it girls. Is the Thursday 18th of March at 10am ok for everyone, at the
The Fox & Dogs
Little Sutton Rd Four Oaks
Sutton Coldfield
B75 6QB
Tel: 0121 308 7560

So far I've got

Any one else? Let me know if you can make it

JanHR Fri 27-Feb-04 16:13:54

Mez, I doubt caodandchips will be there, she now lives down south.

Ronniebaby Fri 27-Feb-04 17:53:59

Mez, Fio2 was coming to the last one, you might wanna contact her and ask her too.

mez75 Fri 27-Feb-04 19:05:04

Thanks ladies I've sent Fio2 an email so we may hear from her.

Ronniebaby Sun 29-Feb-04 18:44:31

18th March at 10am is fine for me

JanHR Sun 29-Feb-04 19:30:03

And me

chrissey14 Mon 01-Mar-04 22:45:02

hi i,m chrissey a 30yr mom from b,ham we normalley go 2 moms and tots on thru 1-3pm plus got abigail,s 2YR check with the HV nx wk ,so not sure yet lol tc chrisseyxx

mez75 Tue 02-Mar-04 13:56:31

Right then looks like the 18th then girls, sorry you can't make it chrissey we will have to have another one soon so that you can come. Fio2 won't be able to make it as she is moving.
So it looks like

Looking forward to it

JanHR Wed 03-Mar-04 00:00:30

I could probably make it for about 10.30 as the bus get to meregreeen island at 10.05.

Ronniebaby Fri 05-Mar-04 16:19:45

10.30 is fine with me, MEz what you doing, have you sorted out the bus timetable yet.

When do you get into Sutton so I can work out what time to pick you up.

mez75 Mon 08-Mar-04 15:34:10

Looking forwars to it ladies. It looks like it's just the four of us then (children as well).

chrissey14 Thu 11-Mar-04 20:15:22

hi HV oppointment was 2day lol ,seen sharon, so will now go 2 the sutton meet up ,don,t mind missing moms and tots 4 one week ,not gonna dash back 4 it at 1.30pm ,will pop 2 my bruv,s 4 tea lol.

so see u nx thru am,sharon has given me directions bless so won,t get lose

tc all cu nx wk


Ronniebaby Thu 11-Mar-04 20:28:00

Hiya Chrissey,

Had a good time this evening, Glad you can make it next week.

Mez - I'll get to Sutton for about 10am, I'll park in the Layby of McDonalds, by 451 stop.

Janhr - see you there.

Nutty are you still coming, if so see you there.

mez75 Thu 11-Mar-04 20:29:56

Ok, looking forward to it

Ronniebaby Sun 14-Mar-04 17:38:24

Getting closer ladies, my DS is looking forward to it.

Looking forward to seeing you guys.

JanHR Sun 14-Mar-04 21:08:13

Evening everyone,

I am really looking forward to seeing you again and meeting new people.

We will probably go to the inlaws afterwards as they don't live too far away

See you Thursday

chrissey14 Mon 15-Mar-04 08:56:58

hi all

yes had a great time thru sharon,went 2 tesco after wish i hadn,t lol.

looking foward 2 thru

tc chrisseyxx

Ronniebaby Mon 15-Mar-04 14:19:59

Is Nutty coming on Thursday, has anyone heard??

mez75 Mon 15-Mar-04 14:58:19

As far as I know Nutty is coming bringing DS and DD. I'll email her agian though. Looking forward to it ladies

mez75 Wed 17-Mar-04 08:23:14

See you tomorrow

nutcracker Wed 17-Mar-04 13:14:30

Oh sorry ladies, i'm not going to be able to make it.
The estate manager has just knocked my door to discretly let me know that one of the housing managers will be at the site office tommorow.
He siad if i pop in for some imaginary problem he will try to bring up the subject of me and the 4 bed house.
Probably won't make a scrap of difference but i've got to try.

Sorry again. It's a good job i hadn't told dd2 yet.

mez75 Wed 17-Mar-04 13:22:04

Don't worry we will see you next time. Good Luck with the house

JanHR Wed 17-Mar-04 18:44:19

Sorry you can't make it Nutty.
All the best with the house.
Hope you see you again soon.

chrissey14 Wed 17-Mar-04 21:09:03

hi all

c u 2morrow

tc chrisseyxx

Ronniebaby Thu 18-Mar-04 21:33:59

Just to say ladies, we both had a great time today.

Hope you all did too

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