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December 2008 Ladies at Winter Wonderland

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LadyThompson Sat 20-Nov-10 12:23:26

Right, who's on and which dates are convenient?

The week beginning 13 Dec is not that good for me (maybe the Friday, but even that might be doubtful) -

other dates out for me are Thurs 25 and Fri 26.

How is the week beginning 6 Dec?

sybilfaulty Sat 20-Nov-10 13:25:43

I would love to come, but to be honest it is going to be hard to work around school, pre school, work etc. Prob best to choose a date and I'll toddle along if I can. If you go on a Mon or Wed, I'll be at work so possibly able to go AWOL for a while.

Am feeling festive already.

SummerLightning Sat 20-Nov-10 15:50:50

What and where is it exactly?

SummerLightning Sat 20-Nov-10 15:53:27

Google has told me! Hyde park....well if ladyt is braving it it would be rude not to and maybe we should try it!!

waitinggirl Sun 21-Nov-10 14:37:35

Week beginning 6th... Depends on what time of day... Can do mon all day, or pms the rest of the week. I work 3 mornings and we have swimming the other morning. I was thinking of pm anyway to get full impact of the WW lights.

waitinggirl Sun 21-Nov-10 14:38:43

...But realise that isn't practical for the majority of you coming in from outside london.

PinguRocks Sun 21-Nov-10 16:07:04

I can only do a Monday so will happily join you all if you decide on one.

Rubena Mon 22-Nov-10 09:02:26

Can do most days. Tues, wed, Thurs better. Can't do the 8th.

MomOrMum Mon 22-Nov-10 11:05:54

Just found this! I would love to do this...can really only do Fridays (and not Friday Dec 3rd) but realise that is very restrictive so plan ahead without me! I might be able to wangle a day's annual leave if you end up with a different day.

SummerLightning Mon 22-Nov-10 12:28:04

Well how about Monday 6th? Rubes would you be able to manage even though midweek better?

Rubena Mon 22-Nov-10 15:30:16

Yep I think that's ok for me Summer

LadyThompson Tue 23-Nov-10 17:17:44

Sounds ok to me.

Rubena Tue 23-Nov-10 20:17:31

but can we make it not rush hour pleeeeeease.

JamInMyWellies Thu 25-Nov-10 12:27:12

Darn not sure we can come. DS has nursery in the morning. I may make it for the afternoon but not sure.

SummerLightning Thu 25-Nov-10 15:38:28

can't DS skip nursery jam or is that naughty?

PinguRocks Sat 27-Nov-10 14:20:12

I'm definitely in!

JamInMyWellies Sun 28-Nov-10 09:20:36

Think I will let DS1 miss nursery but will do a little London trip inventory. Feel like we are up there more than at home over the next couple of weeks.

MomOrMum Mon 29-Nov-10 12:07:09

I've got a busy day at work on the 6th so will have to miss it. But enjoy!

SummerLightning Thu 02-Dec-10 13:45:28

Argh, bugger, I forgot I have to look after a friends DD on Monday 6th while she goes to appointment!

Rubena Fri 03-Dec-10 13:50:43

Summer - Mondays aren't ideal for me - was there another day that others could make also? I have to make sure my plumber isn't booking to come then, as if he is I will have to take the appointment since it's so close to Xmas and heating engineers are swamped. Will find out by this afternoon.

SummerLightning Fri 03-Dec-10 14:05:13

I only suggested 6th as lady suggested that week and wg and pingu said they could Monday. Don't mind when but I can't make any of next week now as my parents are coming down
don't worry about me anyway!

Rubena Fri 03-Dec-10 14:19:25

But I am worried about you Summer grin

waitinggirl Fri 03-Dec-10 14:32:52

ladies, count me out - it's too darn cold and i just can't face the journey, sorry. also, it sounds like the mon plan isn't working for people any more, so that will free you up for another day. hard trying to coordinate all these people, isn't it? have a luvverly time!

SummerLightning Fri 03-Dec-10 14:41:23

I know rubes I am very worrying grin. I also don't think I would come if it's cold and snowy would just be too much with 2 in tow all that way.

Rubena Fri 03-Dec-10 14:53:54

Agreed, I def won't be getting on any trains with these two if it's snowy or too cold / icy dodgy either.

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