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Blood sugar diet/low carbing - one and the same?

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Chimichangaz Wed 05-Jul-17 21:52:57

I tend to put weight on in my tummy area and it is SO hard to shift it. A MNetter suggested the BSD, so I have read the book, and then started to look at the info in this topic and in LC Bootcamp. I've reduced my carb intake to <60g a day (logging everything on MFP) and kept calories at around 1200, and have lost about 4lb over the last 10 days or so. I had already significantly cut down on my wine consumption from about 5 weeks ago which I'm sure is helping - but I had been trying zero alcohol alternatives which I am sure are full of sugar. I only want to lose about another 6-7lb.

So, I'm confused - is the BSD the same as low carbing? I know the BSD restricts calories to 800, but apart from that are they one and the same? I've also dug out my old 'Davina' 5 weeks to sugar free cookbook, but not sure if that's a good idea or not.

I'm enjoying it so far, although struggling to eat fat after living by the 'low fat' mantra for years.


BIWI Mon 10-Jul-17 22:36:18

There are similarities, but they are different. The Blood Sugar Diet is based around 800 calories a day, for 8 weeks. The guidance is to follow a Mediterranean diet, so it's low carb-ish, but probably also lower in fat than a true low carb diet would be.

But after you've finished the 8 weeks, the advice is to eat low/lower carb for your maintenance diet.

Chimichangaz Tue 11-Jul-17 18:40:02

Thank you Biwi

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