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Semi low carb for a veggie?

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wickedbodies Tue 05-Apr-16 03:44:38

I have been eating "low carb" or at least my version of it for 4 days now. All I have really done is pretty much cut out wheat and I'm restricting refined carbs like bread, pasta, baked goods, white potatoes and rice. I've been eating corgette pasta with tomato sauce, eggs, avocados, lentils, greek yogurt, fruit, nuts, dark chocolate, milk, butter, coconut oil and all veggies and in 4 days I have lost 4 pounds! I'm really impressed as I always struggle so much to lose a single pound even when I am exercising and counting calories carefully. I'm snacking less and if I want something sweet I'm having some dark chocolate or a date with a little peanut butter tastes like a snickers bar!

I am actually not into restricting my diet at all as I already have totally cut out meat, fowl and fish so to lose more seems a great loss but if this keeps on working I think I could stay motivated. I'm going to give myself another day to get used to the new diet and then I might even attempt a gym visit!

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