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How much harm will it do if I relapse a month in?

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stubbornstains Fri 19-Feb-16 19:05:54

I've been on the induction phase of low carbing for pretty much a month, and am doing pretty well(as far as I can tell without weighing myself, which I don't do), but now I have some terrible lurgy which I'm starting to suspect could be flu. And all I fancy is soup and buttered toast. Or some fruit and custard. Or some macaroni cheese straight out of the tin.....

How much am I going to set myself back if I give in for a couple of days, do you reckon??

stubbornstains Fri 19-Feb-16 19:27:45

(wobbly tummy) bump!

Millliii Sat 20-Feb-16 21:17:17

Well you will most likely put about 4lbs back on within a few days but this is just your body adding back the water weight so don't take it to heart. It will drop off again when you start low carbing. If you don't overeat and stay within normal days calories then you probably wont do too much damage but it will be hard to get back into eating low carb mentally. If it helps, when I have a lurgy or migraine etc then I just eat what my body wants and its generally toast and soup. Things that the body can gain instant sugar from.

stubbornstains Mon 22-Feb-16 13:46:25

Thanks milli x

I did lapse for a couple of days- but I certainly didn't overeat! 4 bits of toast and a bowl of custard grin

Back low carbing again now, but still feeling shit and wishing I wasn't hungry- just can't be arsed to make a proper lunch! Going to go and see what I can eat straight out of the fridge....

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