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Calories on low carb

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ClareMandy Thu 10-Apr-14 18:48:55

Hi all just wondered how many calories you generally eat? I have read that cals don't matter as much on a low carb, higher fat diet. But I have a friend who said the weight only really started coming off when she ate around 12-1400 a day. Would love to hear some thoughts!

carolinementzer Fri 11-Apr-14 10:20:44

Hiya, in answer to your question, it depends how heavy you are to begin with, and also how active you are. Here's the calculation:

Step 1: BMR (basic metabolic rate)
This is the number of calories you burn at rest. Men have a higher BMR than women.
22 calories for every kg of a woman’s body weight.
24 calories for every kg of man’s body weight.
E.g. BMR = weight in kg x 22 (for a woman)

Step 2: PAL (physical activity level)
This is your overall daily energy expenditure (lifestyle activity level)
1.2 = mainly sitting
1.3 = fairly active (1-2 x exercise per week)
1.4 = moderately active (2-3 exercise per week)
1.5 = active (more than 3 x week)
1.7= very active (hard exercise every day)

To calculate your daily calorie need = BMR x PAL

I hope that makes sense to you. But yes your friend is correct - calories are just a guideline as calories from fat, carbs, protein behave differently in the body. Good luck and best wishes.

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