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Paleo and primal

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Daughteroughter Wed 27-Mar-13 01:28:43

I have been reading about paleo and primal diets has anyone tried them?

RawCoconutMacaroon Wed 01-May-13 07:39:08 does a very tasty grain free musli recipe on his lchf blog (Swedish paleo/primal) its a good blog too, if you like the science side of things.

Its a mix of seeds and nuts (mixed small seeds, some nuts and a few fresh berries to garnish) served with double cream mixed with live yogurt. It is amazingly filling, so only a very small portion needed, but a lovely luxury breakfast treat.
I serve it in little ramekins, that's a perfect serving size.

RawCoconutMacaroon Wed 01-May-13 07:57:57

Musli link

intravenouscoffee Wed 01-May-13 08:04:00

Right, need a strict paleo day today to get back on track. Really don't want to feel rubbish again today. Will try the lamb shank recipe further up thread.

Breakfast is paleo muesli with Greek yogurt and a cup of coffee with cream. Then omelette for lunch I think with lots of veg. There is some sun smile so might take DS to the park for some sun and play (ticking lots of primal boxes there)

Love this thread!

intravenouscoffee Wed 01-May-13 08:06:07

Macaroon Do you put any liquid in the slow cooker with the lamb and veggies or is it okay without?

nappyaddict Wed 01-May-13 09:04:22

I don't put veggies in with mine because I find they are too greasy. I do put onion quarters in which i then whizz up in juices to make gravy.

For breakfast I tried something new and it was delicious.

2 tablespoon of ground almonds, 2 tablespoons of flaked almonds, almond butter, double cream, sprinkle of dried coconut and frozen berries. Put in the microwave for 1 minute and stirred all together.

nappyaddict Wed 01-May-13 09:07:39

Almond butter

thebestpossibletaste Wed 01-May-13 11:12:06

Thanks Raw, I'll take a look at the nut butters.

misscph1973 Wed 01-May-13 13:04:00

The ground almonds porridge sounds yummy! Re rice, it's something Mark Sissons describes as "fairly benign" (it is gluten free), but technically it is a grain. Note, however, that in the updated version of The Primal Blueprint, he includes quinoa as Primal, if you fancy it.

Oats are definitely much better than wheat, the gluten content is almost 0. But it is still a grain ;) It's the kind of thing that I would probably allow my children, but they never ask for anything with oats.

I would not recommend making paleo porridge in the oven like rice pudding, I was just comparing porridge to rice pudding because both are made with milk. I think hob or microwave would be best, and it shouldn't take long to get the desired consistency.

Queenofwhatever, my dh reckons it's the omega 3 is grass fed beef that is making him better, but I suspect that protein over load also helps As a former vegetarian/vegan I still struggle a bit with eating lots of meat, but perhaps it is also a sign that I just don't need that much protein. I prefer having more fat, I love home made mayonnaise and pesto!

I love nut butters to, but they are very expensive.

I just had Buffalo burger from Laverstock for lunch, lovely! Only had them because I found them in the reduced section at Waitrose for half price due to expiry date. I actually save a lot of money by checking out the reduced section of my local Waitrose, I doubt that I could afford Paleo if I didn't do that!

nappyaddict Wed 01-May-13 13:49:42

Where do you get grass fed beef and mince from?

Xenia Wed 01-May-13 14:41:33

Quite a lot of UK cattle compared to in the US are living in fields eating grass (we can see them in various parts of the country) so I don't think we have the same grass fed v other foods fed issue the USA has here in the UK.

I have not listened to it yet but there is a radio 4 programme which was on last night at 8pm on "Constant Cravings" which may be interesting - I presume it will say that foods like sugar make you crave them (and healthy foods like eggs, fish, meat, veg etc do not).

RawCoconutMacaroon Wed 01-May-13 14:46:36

ivcoffee, I rarely put liquid in the slow cooker - I know the instruction book tells you to cover everything with water, I have no idea why!

For some things I might be using some purée tomato, but any veg you put in releases water and it doesn't boil away. I often remove some of that, reduce it down a bit then add it back to the slow cooker as a slightly thicker sauce.

I always pack loads of veg in - one persons "too greasy" is another persons "all the flavour of the meat"! Just do what you like the taste of grin.

misscph1973 Wed 01-May-13 14:52:58

I buy grass fed meat from a company called Athleat. The meat is fantastic, but they have recently changed the mince packs from 500 g to 400 g without lowering the price, so I am not best pleased and I am looking to get my meat elsewhere. I am told that is really good as well, and I asked them if their meat was grass fed, and it is, though not exclusively.

Xenia is right, though, cattle in the UK is generally of good quality, and most free range cattle are fed primarily grass. I don't personally mind if they get some grains, I will still buy it. I still buy meat from supermarkets, mainly Waitrose and only on offer.

The radio program looks interesting, thanks.

RawCoconutMacaroon Wed 01-May-13 14:54:32

Nappy- not always easy, specialist butchers, local farm shops may have, but typically UK, especially Scottish, lamb tends to be grass fed for the majority of the time anyway, even if not labeled (I have a Scottish farming background), Scottish hill beef also, typically will only be given grains in winter, sometimes not at all).

Grass fed, grass finished may be the optimum but remember even grain fed whole cuts of meat are better for you than processed meat products full of god knows what.

MacaYoniAndCheese Thu 02-May-13 11:44:56

Just wanted to check-in to see how y'all are feeling? Energy levels? Cravings? I haven't had any slip-ups since the tortilla chip incident and am feeling pretty good (the recent sunshine is helping too, though). No cravings, except at the end of the day and that's usually satisfied by some dark chocolate or some fruit. Last night I had a microwave baked apple-cored apple filled with butter, cinnamon, a little drizzle of maple syrup and a dash of water. Like apple pie, without the pie smile.

What is everyone doing about dairy and wine?

RawCoconutMacaroon Thu 02-May-13 12:57:04

Oh yes, apple pie without the pie is good! You can stuff them with rasins or other dried fruit for a nice sweet cheat which is still grain free.

Dairy- I do use grassfed butter, and double cream (did I see you mention being American previously? I think that's what you'd call heavy cream?).
No milk though, lactose intolerant, though small amounts don't bother me.

Wine, I don't (migraine trigger), I drink potato vodka, or 100% agave tequila - both are grain free.

UserError Thu 02-May-13 13:07:30

Hi all, is there is corner for me to squeeze into? I have dates and figs! <offers them round>

I'm what you'd call a serial dieter - tried most things, ended up heavier than ever. I tried going primal a while back while I was recovering from a serious illness and it didn't go too well as I think the lack of carbs made my fatigue worse. It's a year on now and I'm trying again - this will be day 2.

I'm using my fitness pal to track macronutrients and yesterday it shouted at me for being 21 calories under my 1200 goal. I was amazed - I had LOADS of food and didn't feel deprived at all. Breakfast was two eggs chopped up with butter, inside some rolled-up ham. Didn't have lunch as such because I wasn't hungry, but nibbled on some fish sticks. Dinner was a garlic baked Camembert with cucumber crudités and baby tomatoes.

Today: Breakfast was coffee with cream and 1/2 tsp coconut oil. Lunch was pâté spread on cucumber slices, cherry tomatoes, an avocado and a slice of cheese.

teaandthorazine Thu 02-May-13 14:28:55

Hello all, hope you're following your primal instincts and getting your vitamin D topped up in the sun! Have just had a rather nice lunch of grilled courgette, pepper and mushrooms with plenty of olive oil and herbs, plus some of those yummy and rather addictive sweet peppers stuffed with goats cheese... plus an apple and a litre of water. Second lunch outside in a week - wonderful! (Even if it was in the middle of London, outside is outside!)

Last night was homemade burgers with a fab, knocked-together coleslaw made from carrot, cabbage, celery and kohlrabi. Am slightly ashamed to say that's the first time I've ever made my own coleslaw - it was delicious. Did have a bit of 85% Lindt and a cheeky g&t while watching Masterchef too...

Really interesting conversation at lunch with a colleague who is a strict vegan. While our actual eating habits are worlds apart, our philosophy of food is surprisingly similar - as un-interfered-with as possible, organic whenever we can, as ethical as we can be (obviously she and I differ on what exactly ethical means, but there we go!), real food rather than products, lots of fat. I can't help noticing she's always pale, tired and complaining about some physical ailment or other though wink

Xenia Thu 02-May-13 15:07:11

tea, I think that is true. Most people who eat healthily have a lot more in common than those who eat processed foods. I do think fish, eggs, meat is good though and what we ate for 2 million years along with lots of veg etc.

(Just came in from my post lunch Vit D bathe in the rather hot sun; long may it last)

RawCoconutMacaroon Thu 02-May-13 17:44:19

Tea, I'd wager... Oh 50p at least grin that your health conscious friend would feel and look a lot better If she ditched grains (next to impossible for a vegan I'd imagine), and started eating some form of animal protein.

Ethical eggs maybe? I suppose you'd have to raise them yourself to be sure...

Shell fish? Prawns?

In the scheme of things, I'd have less of a problem eating those for the benefit of my health, in the highly unlikely event of me becoming vegan Iykwim!

Its everyone's choice of course, what they eat, or don't.

nappyaddict Thu 02-May-13 19:56:41

Has anyone tried egg tortillas instead of tortilla wraps?

I saw them on this recipe for Enchiladas but was wondering if they would be any good for burritos or fajitas? Not sure if they'd be sturdy enough.

buildingmycorestrength Fri 03-May-13 09:19:22

Can I just celebrate some proper weight loss? 6lb in a month. grin

And best of all....

Cravings: totally gone.

'Low blood sugar' episodes: gone.

Feeling hungry when I've just eaten: gone.

Not knowing when I'm full: gone.

Feeling like I am suddenly starving and cannot wait ten seconds for food: gone.

Constantly having the nagging feeling that I am weak because I can't control my eating: gone.

Depression and pessimism about never being slim again: gone.

Feeling like I will have to deprive myself to lose weight: gone.

All replaced with enjoying food, enjoying eating, feeling full, feeling a bit peckish but knowing I can wait, and feeling well-nourished...and losing weight! shock grin.

misscph1973 Fri 03-May-13 09:27:35

Love the idea about the apple stuffed with cinnamon etc! Might have that for pudding tonight.

I am going to be ordering a huge box of meat (if I can find the money, that is) from this company:

DH called them and had a lovely chat with the owner who assured him that the meat is entirely grassfed (in the winter they are fed hay from their own farm).

I will let you know if it is any good!

Re the vegan thing, I can totally relate to that. I was vegan for a short while after 7 years of being vegetarian and I eventually started Paleo because I could not find a way of going gluten free and staying vegan without fearing malnourishment. I am so happy I have gone gluten free (well, grain free) as it has made a huge difference for me. My skin is clearer, dandruff is gone, I have more energy (working out is so much easier when you are loaded with fat and protein!) and I generally feel better.

Has anyone read Victoria Boutenkos "Green for life"? This book blew me away and I started drinking green smoothies daily. It gave me terrible wind! But there were also many benefits like clearer skin, more energy and general well-being. I still have the occasional green smoothie now, but I make it with coconut milk rather than water.

holmessweetholmes Fri 03-May-13 12:49:25

Urgh. I just had a big fall off the primal waggon, combined with a couple of pints of beer last night and I feel horrible! I guess one positive thing to come out of it is that I realise how much better I had been feeling, and what a nasty effect losts of carbs actually have on me. Right. Back to primal then....

intravenouscoffee Fri 03-May-13 14:00:36

corestrength that's fantastic! I think that's the proof of this lifestyle - the way you feel both physically and emotionally.

I've been upping my exercise a lot now that I have more energy. Down side being that I now need more sleep (which I haven't been getting) so am a bit tired today. And lots of sugar cravings. Have resisted toast and jam and managed to have a lovely avocado salad for lunch but think I might need to tweak my diet now I'm running more. Am I best to increase my fat? Or protein? Or do I actually need more carbs? Not been in this position before!

RawCoconutMacaroon Fri 03-May-13 15:17:15

Corestrenth, fantastic!

Ivcoffee, typically feeling craving for sugar means either you are eating to many carbs (so spiking and dropping your blood sugar to make you hungry), or you need more fat/protein.
Try having a fatter cut of meat (a pork loin or chop maybe, instead of chicken), and see if that makes a difference.

Are you having plenty of protein at each meal?

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