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Lunch ideas I can take to work

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Oddsocks15 Wed 12-Apr-17 08:02:51

Newbie here -
I work full time and have a 30 mins lunch break. Any ideas that are easy for me to take to work? I have access to fridge and microwave.

Before LC I have been living off a diet of sandwiches, crisps, fruit, yoghurt for lunch.


user1471558436 Wed 12-Apr-17 08:05:12

Homous and carrot sticks
Salad with seeds/nuts/egg

HapShawl Wed 12-Apr-17 08:07:18

Leftovers from evening meal
There are lots of low carb soup recipes
Salad with protein/fats (tuna mayo/egg mayo/ cold beef) - make sure plenty of dressing

HapShawl Wed 12-Apr-17 08:08:23

Go easy on houmous as it's not very low carb

Oddsocks15 Wed 12-Apr-17 21:09:52

Thanks for your tips

So used to the sandwiches, hard to kick the habit....

CaptainBraandPants Thu 13-Apr-17 12:45:19

Don't have houmous and carrot sticks, neither are very lc.
Agree with Hap leftovers are great and very easy to sort out.
I'm having tuna mayonnaise salad today with lots of oily dressing.
Other things I have are:
Omelette with various fillings - I'll make the omelette the night before and just eat cold.
Mackerel pate (mackerel mixed with soft cheese) on little gem lettuce or celery.
Broccoli/ stilton soup.
Scrambled eggs (done in the microwave) with smoked salmon.
A "picky" lunch of cheese, olives, cold meats, maybe avocado.

Hope you like the sound of some of these. With lc, the food tastes great, but you do need to prepare a bit otherwise you are likely to get caught short when at work/ out and about.

Oddsocks15 Thu 13-Apr-17 18:55:21

Thanks Captain love these ideas

Dogblep Fri 14-Apr-17 16:54:19

If I'm eating out I take hard boiled eggs, avo and salad, nuts and a small amount of fruit. All are very easy to take out and about.

Smoked salmon with salad is an easy one.

Cold meat with olives and cheese.

Some cold frittata.

Maybe a thermos of soup with lots of meat and veg in it.

ivykaty44 Fri 14-Apr-17 17:00:48

I make hard-boiled eggs and add on egg to a Tupperware of salad each day of lettuce, ticket etc and cherry Tom's, peppers cucumber.
Frozen fruit, defrosted with Greek yogurt.

Chicken drumsticks marinaded on a Friday, cooked on a Sunday, bagged on a Monday morning. Add in two rice cakes, bag containing a fifth of a melon and hay presto just pop on my bag each morning to take to work.

Tuna salad with strawberry, melon, apple and banana kebabs

ivykaty44 Fri 14-Apr-17 17:01:52

Oh shit, sorry didn't read the diet bit ......Please ignore me blush

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