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Kids dad has given up current employment!!

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passmyglassplease Mon 02-Nov-09 13:25:58

Hi all,

I would appreciate any advice on the question of maintenance. As ex has resigned and does not have anything else in the pipeline.

We are in the middle of divorcing so have as yet not split assets, does he still have to pay maintenance even if he is not working?

I only found this out yesterday and spoke to him, he seems to think that he will not have to pay me anything, is this right?

Am panicking slightly as I only work part time and will find it difficult to find any other work that fits in around the dcs.


fairydust Mon 02-Nov-09 13:49:17

unfortunatly if he has no income comming then no he dosnt have to pay anything.

If he claims Job seekers allowance then they take £5 a week out of that, but as he gave up a job it'll be a while i believe before he can claim that.

Biobytes Mon 02-Nov-09 23:34:45

How many hours are you working? if more than 16 you qualify for tax credits and they could make a HUGE difference. If the situation is really bad you may also qualify for Income Support which could make up for he lost maintenance.

Talk to the job centre, they can organise many of these things for you.

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