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Anyone around SW London area??

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secretme2 Sun 26-Jul-09 08:23:57

Been seperated for a year and going through the grueling divorce procedure... I have 2 little girls. I was wondering if there were many other single parents on here from this area?

Hopefully chat soon!

Fitou Sun 26-Jul-09 16:05:57

I live in Wimbledon, a single mum with a 13 month old son and also going through the laborious divorce process... Would be happy to chat and compare stories

sunfleurs Sun 26-Jul-09 16:33:44

I live in West London, separated with one ds and one dd. Going for divorce at some point but having to tread carefully as ex is difficult.

anothermum92 Sun 26-Jul-09 18:05:08

Message withdrawn

rizlated Sun 26-Jul-09 20:30:36

another one here, have 2 DS under 4, been separated for nearly a year

sunfleurs Mon 27-Jul-09 16:42:42

Well just phoned my first solicitors and got and appointment on Wednesday. Any advice welcome please?

anothermum92 Mon 27-Jul-09 18:24:17

Message withdrawn

Fitou Tue 28-Jul-09 11:48:34

I agree with anothermum92, it helps to do your home work before hand. I had a list of questions I wanted to ask and I gathered as much financial material as possible. As (soon to be) ex-dh and I have managed to remain reasonably amicable, we did a lot of ground work together in terms of how we wanted to split everything. I appreciate this may not be appropriate in all cases though...
My one hour meeting ran over by 8 minutes - and I was changed for it!

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