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ANTagony Mon 02-Mar-09 19:55:40

Some one has dissapeared from my connections. We've emailed quite a few times and met for coffee at the weekend. I thought we'd really hit it off. He emailed as such and I responded. Now this evening he's dissapeared from my connections. He's not showing in my removed connections list. Does this mean he's deleted me as a connection?

aseriouslyblondemoment Mon 02-Mar-09 20:11:18

oh dear there might be a possibility im afraid
but i dont use match so couldnt really say
hope someone else can come on and help out here

moosh Mon 02-Mar-09 20:13:52

Did you only mail him through website or your own as well?
Is his profile still on the site? If so trace hin through that.
Maybe you have his emails in "your messages" on the site?

You've probably tried everything I've said and apologies if you have...can't think of another idea.
I don't know, I sure he hasn't deleted you not if you say you got on well. And if he has... he wasn't worth the coffee in the first place !!!

ANTagony Mon 02-Mar-09 20:18:19

Its odd because the messages are still there, as is his profile. The help says nothing about connections dissapearing if someone deletes you. What I don't get is he emailed to say he thought we'd got on really really well and couldn't believe we'd chatted so long. I guess I'm not a patient person and need to sit this one out to see what happens. Got another couple of connections in my box but particularly liked this one. wink

tessofthedurbervilles Mon 02-Mar-09 20:23:39

I have used match but found plenty of fish much more straight forward...its free and you can see who has looked at your profile which is a good 'in' for most people on there...
Not sure about the connection thing at sll, sorry!

ANTagony Mon 02-Mar-09 20:29:54

I went on pof for a while. I found it a bit overwhelming bacause there are so many people on it.

Maybe when my subscription ends I should head back that way.

Thanks. Still sitting impatiently trying to work this one out. I don't like things untidy!

aseriouslyblondemoment Mon 02-Mar-09 20:35:21

am only going by FRD here
but on there if you are blocked then you cannot only view a profile but obv cant send messages etc to the person who's blocked you
nor if you've blocked can you send messages back
do hope that a user comes on here

ilovemydogandMrObama Mon 02-Mar-09 20:51:12

Facebook was hit by a virus. Maybe was too?


ANTagony Mon 02-Mar-09 21:02:03

Thanks for the thought but it must be me completely unable to understand men. I thought the statement he'd really really enjoyed himself ment he'd enjoyed himself.

Never mind need to dust off, take a deep breath, sleep, drink a large glass of wine and build up the confidence to contact someone else.

Still got two in the connections box - just feel a little dented.

aseriouslyblondemoment Mon 02-Mar-09 21:09:16

ANTagony get on the lucky dating thread
'fit and interesting available men..'
we all get a piece of the action on there!
asbm x

N1 Mon 02-Mar-09 21:16:36

it might be that someone got hold of the persons log in details and put an obsticle in between you and him. You want an answer. Perhaps send him a message and explain that you see him missing form a conection list. Ask him if he can shed light on the situation. In this case no news isnt good news. If it were me, i would be more inclined to expect bad news and imagine good news to be a bonus.

ANTagony Mon 02-Mar-09 21:22:20

I know I should let it go. Why can't people just be straight, I can take a no thanks not interested? I've sent a technical querry to the site so at least I know if it happens again its one to let drop.

I've been a casual observer on the other mentioned thread maybe I'll buck up the courage and say hello.

aseriouslyblondemoment Mon 02-Mar-09 21:25:46

ANTagony come over and join us the more the merrier
has this bloke got your mobile no or you his?
N1 dont think that could happen tbh

ANTagony Mon 02-Mar-09 21:35:01

He has my number. I gave it to him encase he couldn't find the coffee venue. I know I should let it drop. Just a bit of a shame as I've met a few people - get on with most and all have led on to other meetings. This is the first one I've felt I really connected with - but obviously not.

aseriouslyblondemoment Mon 02-Mar-09 21:43:52

cant you just text a friendly 'hi hows things'
and thats it
dont add to that
see if he texts back if he doesn't then theres your answer

ANTagony Mon 02-Mar-09 21:50:56

I think I have my answer. No news and all that. Maybe he's got lots of irons in the fire. Really didn't seam the type but there we are. I need to toughen up and live and learn. I've emailed one of the others. And the remaining one I'll mail tomorrow. Been very harsh deleting all winkers today. Maybe tomorrow I'll be feeling friendlier.

aseriouslyblondemoment Mon 02-Mar-09 22:08:39

wont you send that one text?

bluejelly Mon 02-Mar-09 22:08:49

Same thing happened to me a couple of months ago, annoying but I think people are flakier online than in RL.
Chalk it up to experience and then get back on the horse smile

newlife2017 Thu 25-May-17 05:46:17

So I'm talking to someone on March. We both have our profiles hidden. What does the green dot mean on a "hidden" profile?

Foslady Thu 25-May-17 18:39:20

Isn't it that they're online?

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