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Why do blokes on dating sites......................

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IllegallyBrunette Sun 31-Aug-08 09:16:56

Think that you want to see a pic of them taken in front of their car ??

I really don't get that.

SpandexIsMyEnemy Sun 31-Aug-08 09:18:41

cos those ones think they're all that! same as ones with tops off.

IllegallyBrunette Sun 31-Aug-08 09:20:48

Oh yes, I get the ones with tops off too, which I wouldn't mind if their top half was worth looking at.

Did actually have a couple of half decent ones in amongst the crap this morning though, which hasn't happened for a while.

SpandexIsMyEnemy Sun 31-Aug-08 09:31:23

i used to send a pic back if it was dire and they were a bit of an idiot anyhow - saying 'am i meant to be impressed!'

IllegallyBrunette Sun 31-Aug-08 09:58:59

LOL, i wouldn't have the nerve to do that.

hecate Sun 31-Aug-08 10:02:37

Because their car is an expression of their manhood. They have a big powerful shiny machine with a massive engine and they control it as it roars along at 100 miles an hour.

In caveman days they'd bring down a buffalo, drag it back and you'd be impressed, now they want to show you their turbo x gtz 9.5 sti booster thingie whatsit with the trim and the blah blah and the 3.8 Zzzzzzzzz Zzzzzzzz Zzzzzzzz

Basically, it's a penis thing.

SlartyBartFast Sun 31-Aug-08 10:04:20

boys and their toys

SpandexIsMyEnemy Sun 31-Aug-08 10:07:19

ib - they don't know you, thye have an email and that's all - it's not a case of nerve tbh.

ipodtherforipoor Sun 31-Aug-08 10:13:29

I've had a lovely lad whose username includes the initals of a well known Plymouth gang. In his photo he is wearing burbury(sp) and he is raving with a glow stick!

Naturally I declined to instant messege with him!

IllegallyBrunette Sun 31-Aug-08 10:16:19

ROFL Ipod grin

Tinkerbel6 Sun 31-Aug-08 13:40:49

lol Ipod

Whats the pic all about with guys standing there naked with there hands over their manhood, what a turnoff shock

oldraver Sun 31-Aug-08 15:47:45

Couldn't you say... Wow what a fantastic car, your not up to much but I'd out up with you if I can drive

ipodtherforipoor Sun 31-Aug-08 17:02:08

I seem to attract nice men, who dont have their pictures up - not even a car or dodgy bed shot!

lou33 Sun 31-Aug-08 17:06:38

i find men who pose with huge fish in their arms odder still

zippitippitoes Sun 31-Aug-08 17:10:15

but the pose with the fish is a photo they have

its not one taken to put on the profile is it lol

i had quite a nice chat once with a fish guy

i wouldnt talk to people without pics im afraid i just assumed they had something to hide that even as big motor wouldnt make up

retiredgoth Sun 31-Aug-08 20:24:01 Fish?? Really???

Crikey. time I sign up to such a thing perhaps I should consider posing in front of my ancient Galaxy (nicknamed "Scratchy" by my urchins) whilst brandishing a pack of frozen prawns.

That'll wow 'em.

....on Guardian Soulmates (so far as I recall) the women posed in front of yurts, worked as alternative therapists and listed macrame amongst their hobbies (many seemed to have used this skill to fashion their clothing)....

ipodtherforipoor Sun 31-Aug-08 21:07:57

I'm definately not a guardian soulmates type then!

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