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Do you go on holiday/camping with your dc on your own?

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charliecat Mon 23-Jun-08 17:32:37

I did last year, for 4 days. Lasted 2 and came homeblush Had only split up from xp for about 2 months though so things were very fresh.
Am going camping with a mate soon, and need to get a tent for then and am also taking them to a wee festival, where camping can be done....
But the thought of it, really scares me. Not sure why.
Wondering whether this should be in AIBU? Am I a big scaredy cat?grin
Do you do it without having a panic?

chocolatespiders Mon 23-Jun-08 17:35:48

i have been to haven on my own with my girls.....

I did buy a tent last year with the idea that if weather looks nice for weekend we can just go off etc... but the tent has only been put up in my garden sad

as i am to scared to go...

But i think a festival would be different and you will be fine smile where is it?

charliecat Mon 23-Jun-08 17:40:28

Wee festival, village pub, all days glad its not just me whos a bit scared then!
Wanna meet me there?wink We can be scard together! Lamberhurst in Kent

chocolatespiders Mon 23-Jun-08 17:42:51

I think the other problem is my tent is to big with 3 seperate bedrooms and i was worried i would feel to far away from the dd's..... have looked at buying a large single bedroom one....

I think i will really regret it if i dont take them at some point...

would like to go to france with it all set up for us arriving but that wont ever happen in real life!!!!

charliecat Mon 23-Jun-08 17:44:26

I have just brought a little teepee. Wouldnt fancy being away from them in diff rooms.
France, good grief, back garden would be a step forward for me!

sarah293 Mon 23-Jun-08 17:46:42

Message withdrawn

Romy7 Mon 23-Jun-08 17:49:58

not a lone parent - but have taken dcs camping on my own. did it really early when ds1 was 6 months and dd1 was 2. the first time is the worst (i took a travelcot in the end but made dd1 sleep in it and had the baby on the airbed with me!) but have gradually got a lot braver. i put them in the pods now and sleep in the middle area myself. i do take dogs too though, which probably isn't great for a festival! hope it goes really well and you have a lovely time!

tortoise Mon 23-Jun-08 17:56:36

I took my 4 camping at Haven last year, travelled by train. All had a great time. Only problem was carrying tent etc!
Went to Haven again last October (sun holiday) in a caravan which was much easier!

Hope to go again this year if i can raise some money! Sold the tent to a friend because it was just too hard without a car.

I do find it a bit lonely without another adult to join in the fun but overall we had a fab time and can't wait to go again.

dylsmum1998 Mon 23-Jun-08 20:02:36

i took my 2 camping for bank hol weekend for myself. i only took them local as it was our first time going solo and we had a great time. i have bought a smaller tent than we used with xp. we all sleep in one bedroom now and i feel nice and secure in it

taken4granted Mon 23-Jun-08 20:04:13

done a mobile home holiday with dd and ski chalet holiday on our own as well - both were fine and dandy - not quite a tent girl tbh - not into trapsing to shower block and going out for a wee that all dd would love to do proper camping just Im a bit too errrr no thanks for that am doing a caravan later t his yr thats ok has a shower and portaloo thingy so not too bad I suppose! Enjoy the kids will ove it Im sure

snotbuster Mon 23-Jun-08 20:28:19

I went camping twice last year with DS (then 18 months) and a single mum mate and her same age DD. Was great! One time was to a festival and the other to a normal campsite. Would have been pretty hard going on my own but going with this friend with same age DC was perfect - we could take turns to shower/go to loo which would have been so hard alone. The kids had a ball. Go for it. How old are your DCs?

gillybean2 Mon 23-Jun-08 20:38:33

I think it all depends how many dc's you have and how old they are. If you have to take them absolutely everywhere with you (toilet, shop, shower) because they are small it can be a real drag. If they are old enough to be left in the tent for a short time or the older ones can look after the younger ones while you grab a shower or grab a pint of milk etc much easier.

Personally I would loathe camping; shower blocks, bug in your bed etc. so wouldn't try it.

Did you know you can get family rooms in youth hostles. Might be worth looking at. At least you know the children your belongings and yourself are behind a locked door.


dylsmum1998 Mon 23-Jun-08 20:41:14

my dc are 2(just) and 9. keep bed pod door closed at all time prevents bugs entering wink shower blocks havent been bad where we have stayed (so far)

tigermoth Mon 23-Jun-08 20:42:42

I have taken my two sons youth hostelling lots of times. I started when my youngest was around 2 years old and the oldest was around 7 years old. We have stayed in some really interesting and nice places, usually just for a few days. Lots of plusses - no worries about putting up a tent or bad weather. Shared kitchen and barbeque facilities means you can easily get talking to other families. One parent families are quite common. Older children have lots of space to run around in - usually a nice garden as well. Hostels have cot and high chair hire for babies and toddlers - check first. Drawbacks - it's difficult to stay longer as usually hostels are busy, and the odd person (especially the single ones) can be a bit intolerant of children as YHAs are not just for families. Look on the website for all the info you need. I really enjoy these holidays, and no I don't work for the YHA!

bramblebooks Mon 23-Jun-08 20:47:02

Lots of holidays just the 3 of us - generally in travel lodges, but recently in our new tent and we love it! Can't wait to go away again. We all cram into one bedroom and giggle until we're too tired and have to sleep.

charliecat Sun 27-Jul-08 23:26:00

Updating on this...I survived. I didnt panic. I even managed to tidy up my house before I leftshock The day before, thinking about it made me feel so stressed I had to lay it was fine.

Skribble Thu 31-Jul-08 19:56:04

I went on a holiday in a static last year with kids about 2 months after we split aswell. I coped booking it etc and finding things to do as I always did this. But I did feel very lonely esp at night.

Glad you had a good time. I think I need a freind to take on holiday next time smile

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