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Single mum living with parent

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HPLmummy Sun 13-Sep-20 09:26:18

Hi 👋🏼
Just wanted to come on here to see if there is anyone else in a similar situation to me and just get a bit of advice really.
I am mum to a beautiful 13 month old little boy, he is my whole world. His dad isn't on the scene, doesn't want anything to do with him (don't even get me started on him - scumbag) so I live at home with my mum.
I get on really well with my mum, we have a great relationship, always have we are best friends. And she is the best mum and nana in the world, I honestly wouldn't have been able to bring my LO into the world if it wasn't for her, especially after all the crap my ex put me through during my pregnancy and just after. My mum is my rock and has basically been a second parent to my LO.
My issue is, well I wouldn't say it's an issue as such day to day but because my LO only has me and my mum (my dad passed away and LO's grandparents on his dad's side don't really bother with him) I feel like it's hard to get a break. My mum is great and will help out with my LO but because we are in the same house, I feel like I'm never really getting that proper switch off time. I've never had a full night off since before LO was born, I mean don't get me wrong my mum offers but because LO is a breastfed baby and he is quite attached to me, the second I walk in the front door it's like he knows and he just wants me... the only time I've had a break is when I went on my best friends hen do for 2 nights in March.
I'm just wondering if there is anyone out there in the same boat as me and what you do to switch off? I was even considering booking to go stay away in a hotel on my own for a night, is that sad?! Xx

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Terrysnotyours Mon 28-Sep-20 21:13:59

I think there’s nothing wrong with that OP. Speak to your mum and maybe have a night out with a friend. Does your baby sleep through the night? Could you express maybe?

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