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School correspondence

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Chucklecheeks01 Thu 27-Aug-20 09:02:16

Is there any legislation that compels the school to send correspondence to both parents? I keep being told to pass things on or ask my EXH as he keeps changing it to him. He is abusive and we have no direct communication.

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Frlrlrubert Thu 27-Aug-20 09:07:08

Not that I'm aware of. Though lots of our parents have more than one email address attached to a pupil and we send information to both.

It's worth discussing with the school. We have various notes on the system like 'do not contact dad', for situations like this.

BuddhaAtSea Thu 27-Aug-20 09:09:53

Both me and exH receive school communication via email. The term reports are given directly to the child, and she brings them home.
I would have thought it’s normal to send emails to both parents, why wouldn’t it be?

Doyoumind Thu 27-Aug-20 09:13:29

All communication from my dc's school comes to both me and ex. He ignores it all but that's another story. If you are the resident parent, you should be the main point of contact but the school should also include your ex. It's not your job to keep him informed of everything. It's theirs.

FatThinFatThin Thu 27-Aug-20 09:13:39

My DC school sends to both but exH wants me to post reports etc to him as part of a pattern of controlling behaviour. He already receives the reports directly from the school. Basically he wants me to act as his secretary. He hasn't signed up for school newsletters so he doesn't know what is going on. School are wise to it all and are very supportive.

Doyoumind Thu 27-Aug-20 09:14:58

I would make a formal complaint if they don't sort it out, actually.

Chucklecheeks01 Thu 27-Aug-20 09:18:28

Thank you. They have a copy of the court order stating that they should send all correspondence to both parents but they say they only have to send to one. I'll complain again.

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NorthernSpirit Thu 27-Aug-20 13:49:38

My OH has a very high conflict EW who as the RP automatically receives all school communication.

He wants to be involved, the mother won’t pass on any information on at all.

Primary school were great, all info was passed onto him.

The secondary school won’t add him to the list, despite asking to be added numerous times. Each time he’s told only one email address can be held and that’s the RP. He’s complained to the head, next step is the LA.

He’s not given any information at all. The school won’t give him information on parents evenings etc. The mother refuses to pass the info on.

It’s appalling IMO. The only people to suffer are the kids.

Lonecatwithkitten Thu 27-Aug-20 17:41:02

Schools have clear responsibility to communicate directly with everyone with parental responsibility. This document makes it very clear, you may need to remind school that this is a legal responsibility.

NorthernSpirit Thu 27-Aug-20 17:57:51

@Lonecatwithkitten thank you. I’ll pass that on. He’s gone through 2 years on being over looked by the school, being told there is nothing they can do. This is very useful.

Lonecatwithkitten Thu 27-Aug-20 21:59:23

@NorthernSpirit I am glad it is of help I often see you on threads though sometimes we have a difference of opinion.
Though whatever has happened in my relationship with my ExH he is my DD's father and I have ensured that school communicates directly with him.

NorthernSpirit Thu 27-Aug-20 22:02:25

@Lonecatwithkitten thank you, appreciate that. Just wants best for the children.

CaptainCarp Thu 27-Aug-20 22:11:33

@Lonecatwithkitten hopefully your link will also help the OP to make school send it to both of them.

OP good luck in getting the school to send it to both of you so you won't have to interact with him more than necessary.

DP had issues with nursery & school not giving him any information even though he requested it multiple times. Another ex that won't pass things on. DC doesn't go to school at the moment but if ex stops homeschooling & new school doesn't "comply" he can tell them.

Chucklecheeks01 Fri 28-Aug-20 08:36:58

@Lonecatwithkitten thats brilliant thank you. I've just e mailed the school with the link giving them 48 hours to explain why they consistently fail to do as stated. If i dont get a response ill involve the governors.

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FatherB Fri 28-Aug-20 14:19:54

Please update what happens @Chucklecheeks01 it would be useful to see if the school sort themselves out.

Augustbreeze Fri 28-Aug-20 17:37:21

@Chucklecheeks01 are you in Scotland or Leicestershire? I ask because if you're elsewhere it's still holiday time until at least Tuesday (depending on their training days) and the school can't be expected to reply to you within 48 hrs if no one's there.

It's also a weekend.....

DrMadelineMaxwell Fri 28-Aug-20 17:48:38

Bank holiday weekend at that!
I'd give until Wednesday at least.

Chucklecheeks01 Fri 28-Aug-20 18:14:46

They've been back all week and I've given them business days so not.includong the bank holiday weekend smile

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Chucklecheeks01 Fri 28-Aug-20 18:15:03

* not including

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