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Easter Holiday ...

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Amanda1 Fri 15-Oct-04 15:15:14

Message withdrawn

chloemummy Wed 23-Feb-05 14:01:22

Amanda1 I would love to go away at Easter. I have a dd (4). As Easter is very early this year not sure about the weather in this country albeit, I would love to go abroad but it depends on budget.

Bonkerz Wed 23-Feb-05 14:12:35

we have booked a hol in devon, Starting good friday and ending sat after! GOLD caravan on hoseasons site for 4 people cost us £198 all in!!

Amanda1 Wed 23-Feb-05 15:01:08

Message withdrawn

nikcola Wed 23-Feb-05 15:29:43

oh i d love to go away but dont have a avery big budget xxx

chloemummy Thu 24-Feb-05 09:35:49

Amanda1, last year I got flights with Easyjet to Mallorca for about £150 for both of us. The hotel I stayed in was the Sol Mirlos/Tordos. It is half board accommodation and has a kids club so that you get a break. The hotel worked out about 51 euros per night as they base it on 2 adults sharing. This year I was not sure that I could afford this that is why I have not currently booked. I went the first two weeks of June last year

Amanda1 Thu 24-Feb-05 09:56:53

Message withdrawn

chloemummy Thu 24-Feb-05 11:12:26

I live in East London. I definately want to go away on holiday prefereably abroad. I have thought about camping as I think it would be cheaper but there would have to be a group of us as many tents are 2 to 3 bed so for me and my dd to go it works out extortionate. I went away when my dd was two and we went to Sardinia. I joined that single person travel club and hooked up with another lone parent and that worked out ok. We had never met before.

chloemummy Thu 24-Feb-05 11:13:01

What does CAT me mean??

chloemummy Thu 24-Feb-05 11:14:37

What does CAT me mean??

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