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Any other single mamas out there?

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sophielaa Sat 11-Apr-20 23:44:14

Hey.. so..

On lockdown with my precious bambino who is 12 months old. Just wondering if there is anyone else in the same boat?

On one hand. ..

I'm loving this precious time with my baby. . Without work and nursery we've found our way into a lovely rhythm and routine. So much so that I'm thinking of not going back full time when this is all over smile I've always thought I had no choice. I'm on my own with no other financial support and the pressure of that has always pushed me. I want to give my boy everything. Since being in lockdown though, I've discovered and pushed myself in new ways, my imagination is running wild and I'm determined to carve myself a living that works for us and allow me to work from home smile

On the other hand ..

F*ck me I need a break πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ no, all is well. I'm a little worried about how to continue entertaining my little dude, but generally I'm ok. I do miss adults though sad I feel so blessed to have little dude with me but I to wish I had someone else to have a little giggle with at the end of the day - share my thoughts and worries. I've decided I'm going to take a social media break. While I'm happy for my friends of course, seeing them all with their families makes me feel a little down. πŸ™ˆπŸ˜«

Total rant! πŸ™ˆ

So, how are you guys getting on? I can't be the only single mother with a baby, on their own during lock down πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

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niclw Sun 12-Apr-20 22:59:04

Hi. Happy Easter 🐣

I'm a single mum with an 18 month old. I'm used to working full time but term time and i'd had a really rubbish time since February half term where lots of things went wrong and then we were both unwell for a week each immediately before this lockdown. I totally understand what you are saying about spending this precious time with my little boy but at the same time I need a break desperately. We were supposed to have gone on holiday with my parents for a week this Easter too which makes it a little worse. My friends won't communicate by phone call just texts so it's very lonely. I speak to my parents every day but it's not the most exciting of conversations. I think I will have forgotten how to speak to people when we finally get out of this. I'm loving seeing my little one learning different things at home. I just wish that I'd been more prepared entertainment wise for him. Sorry if I seem really negative. I've been really struggling today and cried in the shower this morning when he couldn't see me.

sophielaa Mon 13-Apr-20 00:29:27


I totally feel you. I was being way optimistic in my first post. I get lonely too, and I've also had those shower moments grinconfused it's completely normal I'm sure.. we're doing a kick ass job and it's really hard on your own. Especially with no adult brain stimulation.

I hear you about friends too. Sadly mine haven't really checked in on me. I'm not talking it personally as I know they're just busy with their families.. that's when I get Sad wishing I had a family. It just sucks huh..

Then I pinch myself and remind myself that this is my little family and it won't always be like this.

I just did a little order on amazon tonight! Mines normally in nursery too.

Also I have really hairy armpits and bad hair πŸ™ˆ no time to do anything as little man is like a cling on at the moment! God help me 😩 by the time 7:30pm comes round I'm shattered, have dinner and pass out.

Sending you so much love and good vibes! From a fellow single mama!

Always here if you want a chat! smile

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Esselra Tue 14-Apr-20 16:32:07

Hi! I’m a single mum with a 2.5 year old and a soon to be 6 month old.

I know how you feel some days I’m so grateful that I get all of this extra time with them both but then other days my toddler is so testing - today is one of those days, I feel like I’ve done nothing but shout πŸ˜‚

Newmumma516789 Tue 14-Apr-20 19:07:46

You're not alone single mum to DS 19months, I only work part time but very lucky with my job being flexible. I take my hat off to all you full time mamas!
My days sound the same to all of yours grateful at times for these precious moments but would love for an hour to myself. It's tough going so from one single mum to the rest of you well done keep it up you are great!
My DS has just started saying 'minute' a repeat of me constantly saying one minute to him, I feel absolutely terrible and have mum guilt like crazy.
Hopefully this won't continue for too much longer and we can all get a well deserved break.

PumpkinP Tue 14-Apr-20 20:07:15

I have 4 and I'm a lone parent. No ex involved. His choice. Ages 9,8,6 and 2

havecourage Tue 14-Apr-20 22:36:35

Hi, reading this makes me feel less alone. I am a lone parent to my 4 year old dd who has autism. She's doesn't leave my side for more than a few seconds so I am craving a break at this stage. Found the last few days really tough, haven't done much home schooling so there's that to feel guilty about as well. Keep thinking how much easier this would be if there was someone else to share the responsibility and the work. Just trying to get through the days at the moment.

niclw Thu 16-Apr-20 20:14:34

Hi everyone. How are you all doing? I've had an ok few days much better than the previous few. I've coped with the many many tantrums of my 18 month DS. After tonight's extra 3 weeks announcement I'm considering offering to work. My school asked for teachers to volunteer rather than forcing everyone and we can take children with us. Apparently they've only had one student in this week so with two staff I think we could handle an 11 year old plus my son. It would be a change of scene plus I can pick up the stuff I left when I went off sick before schools closed. Am I crazy considering doing this?

Newmumma516789 Sat 18-Apr-20 20:09:46

No I don't think that sounds crazy at all. I imagine quite a few would be worried about if they would be exposing their child to someone who potentially has COVID but if the number of children is low it's entirely your choice. There are plenty off frontline staff who have no choice but to work at this time. I think as long as you practice safe handwashing, my DS loves washing his hands now keeps asking me for soap. Being on your own and indoors with a little one is really tough and as much as we'd all rather be safe a change of scenery and some adult company would be beneficial for all of us I'm sure. Do what you thinks best smile

sophielaa Tue 21-Apr-20 09:46:50

Agreed, you have to do what you think is best smile

How is everyone this week? I've just done a huge Zara order as I've realised little man doesn't have any summer clothes. Shame next is shut sad

Also, any ideas of games to play with my 13 month old indoors?

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sophielaa Tue 21-Apr-20 09:49:38

One thing I have ordered is a load of spaghetti and food colouring smile so he can play away with that.... need more ideas though confused

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OneMoreWish Tue 21-Apr-20 11:24:15

Hi I have two children a two and half year old and nine month and there are several times a day I feel I can't cope and I'm starting to get really down that each day it's the same and I'm struggling mentally I think with it all. The time goes so slowly and I am willing away the time until bedtime

I feel guilty that I am but we have good points in day and the toddler has a tantrum or baby won't stop crying or toddler hits baby or both are crying and I have nowhere to go and no break

sophielaa Tue 21-Apr-20 16:16:53

Oh bless you, sending lots of good vibes and energy your way. I thought I had it hard with just the one.

Just know that you're doing a great job! It's really hard at the moment, for us all, especially those of us alone. Just remember you're not alone. It's ok to feel like that.. I'm pulling my hair out over here smile I don't even have a garden.. bah..

Just remember it'll all be over soon. You'll be ok x x

Always here to chat... about anything πŸŒˆπŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ’•

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Newmumma516789 Tue 21-Apr-20 20:26:09

@sophielaa a few things I tried with my DS was a jelly dig make up a jelly and put some of your DC's toys in there and once set dig them out. Also crushed up digestive biscuits gives a similar texture to sand but safe to eat. Pinterest if you haven't got it has loads of ideas... My go to is a washing up bowl and lots of bubbles on top of a thick towel can't go wrong. My DS is 20months and still loves bubbles.

Really nice so many of you have reached out I know myself I find it really hard to take that step to talk or try and do something about my situation. I moved into a new place in a new town 1 week before lockdown, I also don't have a garden. Mentally this has been a struggle just trying to stay positive that it's extra time with DS I wouldn't of had.

Keep safe everyone 🌈 xx

PumpkinP Tue 21-Apr-20 20:42:25

It so hard to keep them entertained at that age isn’t it, luckily dd who is 2 has older siblings so they keep her busy, we was exercising today including her in parts of the routines, she loved that!

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